The Informative God: Challenging the Status Quo


The Informative God, a book providing an answer to the ultimate question of what happens after our time is over, has just been published by Brad Bowins books. This new title reveals how we are all immortal, and why this information-based reality comprises a “treasure” of infinite value!

People often look to religion to provide hope that there is actually something more than “the end” that science seems to offer. Human intelligence makes us aware that life ends, but has so far failed to resolve what actually transpires, if anything. Is there a heaven, hell, continuation as spirits, passage into an underworld, and if any of these options occur, what will it actually look like? Even atheists would prefer a viable answer consistent with science. Indeed, we all need hope.

Curious regarding what might transpire after life, Brad Bowins, M.D., applied his experience with theorizing and research, and exploring major world religions, past and present, to see what they offer to the solution. This information yields a unique link to science, with the fusion demonstrating how we are immortal in a very real sense!

The Informative God provides this non-fiction answer in an entertaining fiction and travelogue format, while revealing how information comprises a “treasure” worth more than all others combined.

Following a life-changing event, a young internal medicine specialist wonders about the meaning of life and death. The Horror leads to The Curiosity, where he embarks on a round-the-world odyssey exploring major religions. With much information but no clear answers, he ventures forward to The Discovery. Intrigued by the notion of permanence and impermanence, he learns how this plays into the ultimate solution. Combining this understanding with scientific knowledge, he achieves a surprisingly simple answer to the ultimate spiritual question. In this era of mostly negative news, and pessimism regarding what transpires after death, we can all benefit from a hopeful solution. For a refreshing and optimistic answer, take a journey of discovery to The Informative God.

Dr. Brad Bowins challenges the status quo with his books and articles, whether related to mental health, sexual orientation, social and environmental justice, men’s health, or religion and spirituality. Approaching life and research with a spirit of curiosity and exploration has yielded novel insights that form the basis for his unique writings.

Dr. Bowins is a psychiatrist, researcher and founder of The Centre for Theoretical Research in Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology ( His peer-reviewed publications have fostered paradigm shifts so crucial to the advancement of science and knowledge. Visit

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