2019: A Year of Change


With all the anticipation of what the new year will bring, 2019 will be noted for changing perspectives and raising vibrations. I went on a Shamanic journey this year to receive guidance and information for this upcoming year and was somewhat surprised at some of what I was told.

2019 may bring struggle for many. I was told, with incredible love, that we will see struggles and discomfort in this coming year, in people who perhaps have been considered to be untouchable. All is not lost, and this should not be taken negatively. These struggles are intended to bring us all back to a perspective of recognizing our “need” for one another.

In our perception of unlimited strength, we have taken an attitude of division and isolation directed by an unhealthy ego mind, and this next year is about redeveloping our unity, our oneness. “Our ego shall be tamed through our discomfort” is what I was told. This “need” for each other is one of integration and well-being, neighboring and creating true caring for and about our neighbors (next door and around the planet). By seeing one another as “needed” or “necessary to our existence,” it encourages us to reach out with support and encouragement, and to raise the consciousness from which we operate.

2019 is a year of raising our individual and collective vibration. While I’m aware this is an ongoing growth process, our very connection to one another, this “need” that we’re developing, will catapult our expansion and evolution. By raising our consciousness in relation to each other, we also will raise our attention to the planet and all of her inhabitants.

The wisdom of my teachers filled me with their incredible love. Source holds us in the totality of love, and nothing less. While we may see struggles, they are only for our growth, or spiritual development. They understand beyond what we can in our human condition, that we are exceptional, we will persevere on a human plane and excel in our growth on a spiritual level.

They conveyed messages of absolute adoration for us. We are loved beyond measure. Take comfort in their knowing of our grace and that in the eyes of Source, we are a gift to them, and to one another.

Love your neighbor, all of them, wherever they live, whether they have skin, feathers, fur, etc. We are all loved, we need each other to survive, and our attention to each other will be the steps we walk to our evolutionary masterpiece.



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