2019 and the rise of World Oneness


Veganism continues to grow. While McDonalds didn’t come out with its veggie burger this year, White Castle did, with the best meat alternative yet, the Impossible Burger. Expect veganism to go fully mainstream within two years. Vegan and “plant-based” restaurants will continue to sprout (no pun intended). Cultured meat, made by growing animal muscle cells into a finished product, is almost here. It will supply the true taste of meat without wasting resources or animal cruelty.

Another Midwestern state (after Michigan) will announce plans to legalize recreational marijuana and several others will follow in short order.

“Customized” probiotics will continue to evolve and there will be big news on the medical scene late this spring when a university on the East Coast announces groundbreaking microbial treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and sufferers of Crohn’s Disease. 

The gluten-free fad is wearing down and there will be a return to an interest in artisanal breads and flour products. Expect “designer” flours and also “ancient” grains, such as einkorn, to take center stage. Health care reforms will continue to stall.

The Northeastern United States will continue to be savaged by weather and have ice, freezing cold and storm after storm through March. Major power outages will occur. California will have a wet winter and many mudslides that will make national headlines. The tornado season will start early and Kansas will have more than its fair share. Hawaii will have weather and environmental issues in 2019 that will cause tourism to sharply drop. 

The boom in Airbnb-type accommodations unfortunately ensures that more tragedies will happen such as the recent murder in Costa Rica. New laws will be enacted, requiring closer adherence to safety standards. Some cities will enact laws banning these type of accommodations as they take away badly needed rental housing from the local workforce.

A widely respected and loved male TV personality will shockingly be outed by the Me Too movement.

In world consciousness, the tide is turning and more and more people are starting to see highly developed intuitive and psychic skills as “normal.” Expect to start seeing more classes on developing practical psychic ability through community education and local venues.

People are growing tired of flowery, “channeled” messages that are vague and largely meaningless. People want abilities they can apply to real life, everyday situations. In the future, being “a psychic” will be considered another job option, like being a dentist or architect. Those with innate ability will be trained to have those abilities honed, and others will have the chance to study intuition and progress in it.

Consciousness is evolving at a rapid pace and accepting that we all have talents and that no one is “special” is part of the process. “World oneness” is advancing.

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