2019 Predictions for Humanity


All of this information was received from Source.

There are two timelines for humanity: the first, involving those who are ready to transition into 5D, will take place in early spring; the second timeline will have everyone else continue to get ready until they are ready to move forward in 12 different timelines and realities.

Humanity will see the old paradigm — systems that enslaved and harmed, representing duality, polarity, have and have nots and limitations — crumble. The new reality that comes in will be from love. It will integrate and transition in with grace and ease.

Humanity will need to learn how to co-create with Source and love, as old ways are no longer supported.

Humanity will see and hear massive amounts of truth and disclosure, changes that will blow them away so much they will have a hard time comprehending all of it.

Humanity will start to understand the truth of who they really are, and why they have been stuck in quarantine on Earth and this sector.

Most of humanity is done rejecting Source and Source’s love.

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LynMarie8 is an intuitive, medical intuitive, medium, ordained minister and founder of Love Consciousness® and Beyond Quantum Consciousness®, acknowledging all complementary methods of healing, including traditional medicine. With the use of Love Consciousness® and Beyond Quantum Consciousness® other modalities become more effective, helping you make a change easily and "shift" to making lasting changes in your life and moving forward on a healing journey.  LynMarie connects directly with Source, sending that direct energy to you.  You will see, feel, and receive changes, mentally, physically, spiritually, with DNA, cellar changes. Visit www.lynmarie8.com.


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