A Message from Mother Earth for All of Us


As we enter 2019, a key message came through for us all in one of my Sacred Spirit Journeys. It was an invitation from Mother Earth that touched me deeply. I will share the message below and let it speak for itself. May the invitation from the Earth inspire you and bring you hope.

“We embrace and need those who come in gratitude and share their love with all beings. At this point in time we are calling for our children to come home, to reconnect with their mother — Earth — and to honor the home that is their gift bestowed upon them as they were given birth to and as they entered this earthly life.

“We call on all Earth’s beings now, especially humans, to return home with gifts of gratitude and appreciation. Many gifts are available to you at all times, given by us freely and lovingly, in abundance and with infinite beauty and wonder. However, if you destroy your home and lose the connection with your Earth home, you also lose the connection with your soul, and consequently you feel lost. In that state of anger and fear, destruction often follows as we see so clearly now in many places.

“There is still time to save yourselves, if you do not wait.

“The remedy for your collective soul loss is to return to the Earth, to re-establish a loving relationship with the Earth that you live on, and to embrace all Earth’s beings as your relatives. Earth is your home! If you destroy your home, you destroy yourselves. Let go of your fear, your anger, drop your weapons of destruction, and enter the embrace of forgiveness that we hold for those who come to us from the heart.

“Our mission is always to return to harmony, so release your past and any wrongdoings you may have participated in. Release it all and enter our love and sacred space with peace in your heart.

“We see your soul. We see the light that shines within you. It may feel as if it is lost, but in our peace, you can reconnect with your inner light, which is also our light, for we are all one. We hold the hope for you. We hold the promise of a peaceful future for all, but we need you to release your burdens and meet us halfway.

“Your home is calling you. We await your homecoming. Forgiveness is yours, if you choose. The strength is in your acceptance of your own vulnerability, and in letting go of the need to control. See yourself as part of a bigger whole — as part of this precious Earth we are — and you are too.

“You are blessed. Embrace your birth gifts and let us guide you back on your soul’s path once again. We hold the love for you. How will you choose to meet us, your relatives?”


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