A Year


A year
Is more 
Than one rotation of earth
Around the sun
It is also a rotation
Of the earth
Around itself
365 times
And one quarter 
We, like the earth
From one experience to another 
Love turns into 
Loss turns into 
Pain turns into
Understanding turns into
Friendship turns into 
Growth turns into
And the sun
Is there
Bearing witness
To our human struggle 
To accept 
That the earth 
Will rotate around the sun
Once again
This year
And we will be different
At the end of it
As we rotate around ourselves
And the suns in our lives
365 times
And one quarter
We stop.

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Daniela I. Norris
Daniela I. Norris is a former diplomat, turned political writer, and with age and wisdom -- inspirational author and speaker. She is the author of five books of fiction and non-fiction, and her second novel, Premonitions, is due out from Roundfire Books in June 2019. Daniela lives with her family near Geneva, Switzerland, and is a founding member and panelist on the International Grief Council (www.internationalgriefcouncil.org) and Inspired Writing Retreat (www.inspiredwritingretreat.org).


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