Affirm: ‘I have the power to choose’


A Monthly Affirmation

When desiring the manifestation of a dream, any dream, we often look as far out as we can in an effort to assemble the pieces, test the water and find the limitations so that we can work within them. This month, I invite you to re-frame the process of manifestation completely by remembering that you have the power to choose. In fact, “choice” is synonymous with both “power” and “intention,” and since we are in power in every moment, we are always choosing and creating a life that reflects our choices. So, it would serve us well to notice what choices we’re making and why!

If you feel powerless ask yourself, “What choice do I have in this moment?” Perhaps it’s the power to tell yourself a different story, to re-frame the narrative of the current situation or your past. Perhaps it’s the choice to take action in speech or in movement. Perhaps it’s the choice to feel whatever you are feeling without telling that feeling how to behave within you.

It’s important to note that not every moment is an “action” moment, although every moment is a “choosing” moment. For example, when you’re considering what to do later, you are in a “choosing” moment but not in an “action” moment. It isn’t the time to “do” what you are thinking about doing later, therefore, action is not a choice. Your choice is what to give your attention to. In other words, what thoughts are you aware of and what are you doing with them? How do you feel? The focus is turned to your inner experience. In a sense, this is action as well, but for the purposes of this explanation we’ll use “action” to mean “outward expression.”

Inner experience is not contained within the body. The “idea” that we are experiencing from within the body is just that, an idea, and it is a choice to accept that idea as truth. I invite you to choose differently. Each time you notice a belief, you have the opportunity to choose what to do with it. One option is to choose to accept it without question, and this is often what we do when a belief serves us. Another option is to question the belief and see if there is a more inclusive belief that you can try on instead.

Inclusive means including more parts of yourself, expanding your awareness, allowing the wisdom and knowledge that you carry innately to inform your experience. There is no reason in this life to be limited, and any belief that you have that says there is deserves to be brought to question. You will not lose anything when you expand to include more of yourself — you keep all of your parts and you can see how they move, how they work together and how you can better utilize them in relationship to one another.

The “ego,” then, is not something to be feared, discarded or transcended. It is a lens through which you view yourself and your world. It is the surface of the mirror that is you reflected both outwardly and inwardly. When you come home and rest in your power to choose, you are able to not only change what the lens allows you to see but also to expand your “vision” beyond the lens entirely and see what it sees and more simultaneously. When you let the larger part of you inform the lens as to what it should be looking at, you take the pressure off of the lens to know how to direct itself.

If you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, you might know this as choosing what you are “aligned” with or what you “magnetically attract” into your experience. So, when you find yourself considering a dream — and asking, “Is it right? Is it possible? How can I make this happen?”– remind your lovely self that if it’s within you, you can choose to experience it and that you have the power to choose.

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