How Do You Uplift the World?


First, understand that it is not “necessary” to solve the suffering of the world. Solve your own. It’s enough. Because if you can do that, you have already uplifted all out of suffering.

Second, it is not “necessary” to bring joy to the world. Mind you, the world can do fine without you. Bring joy to your own life. Because if you can do that, you have already lit up the world.

We are one is not a cute concept. There is a direct law of cause and effect between the state of vibration of every molecule in your body and everything that shows up on the stage of your perceptions, no matter how “outer” you think it is.

The one thread that unites us all is love. The love from a mother to her child is the same on every continent. If you want to heal the world, first heal your relationship with your mother. The umbilical cord was your first connection to mother and was your anchor between the spirit world and the physical world. In the exact same way (of course, it’s not coincidental as the physical builds on the blueprint of spirit), there is an invisible cord that connects you to the whole universe. Think about it: before you were born, you passed through the tunnel from spirit to physical, the exact reverse of what people are familiar with in the form of the light in the tunnel in the near-death experience.

How you know if you are complete with any relationship (not just your mother), past or present, in the body or on the other side is the same for all. When you picture yourself sitting in front of that person, do you feel warmth in your heart and a tender smile on your face? Is there only love and joy flowing? If not, speak your truth until you can come to a place of letting go of what is holding you back from your joy.

You think I am mystical? Not at all. I am very down to earth. I just tell it like it is. We are children of the universe, united in an infinite stream of individual consciousnesses — is there such plural? And I am not asking about grammar. Look at the root. What is the root that gives birth to the play of appearances? I will leave you with this very open-ended question. It is the essence of the spiritual quest. The moment your quest is not open-ended, it is dead and sterile, for to be open is the essence of life.


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