Realizing Freedom in 2019

I love it when the old meets the new. A couple of months ago, Mom said during a weekly phone conversation, “Universe, energy, whatever you want to call it, it’s God.” I continued our conversation without pause, even though inside I was taken aback by my prophetess mom whose biblical expertise was surpassed only by her love for God. She had never deviated from her theology and, heaven forbid, discussing anything metaphysical or new thought.

Many years passed since we discussed spiritual development, which had led to spats regarding my expansion from fundamentalism versus her zealous faith. Our relationship had softened over the years since we decided to avoid the controversial subject.

In my quest for truth, I did not desert my biblical foundation. It was my starting point for awakening, and new thoughts and teachings are often supported by my original scriptural teachings. So, this new communication with Mom was refreshing.

Recently, I was surprised again by a devout Catholic friend who announced her idea that God is consciousness. “It’s the only thing that makes sense.” She heard the idea on an episode of the television series, “Alien Encounters.” She thought I’d laugh.

“No,” I said, “we can get messages anywhere whenever we are open to receive.” A sense of wonder washed over me, remembering the slight uneasiness I carried for several years should she ever find out how liberal my beliefs were compared to her Catholicism. Hearing the announcement of her progressive concept was inspiring.

My friend’s experience reminded me of the Scripture, “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people” (Acts 2:17), and I have indeed seen awakening and enlightenment nearly everywhere I turn for the last several years. That pleasant, yet remarkable, peace each time the Divine is revealed runs deeper and broader with every encounter.

Like a fly appearing out of nowhere, though, I became aware of a twinge of fear amid my peace. The words, “last days” had always brought me discomfort. I had not yet reconciled the idea of end times as I had done with so many other seemingly fearful and misunderstood doctrines. “Last-day” warnings did not seem like the Good News that the Gospels professed to be.

Realizing Freedom
In her blog “What is the Fifth Dimension?” Vidya Frazier writes, “We are currently in what’s been called ‘transitional times’ or the ‘end times,'” and she goes on to discuss encounters with transitioning from one dimension to the next ( Of course! Why didn’t I think of “days” and “times” as being the same as “ages” — periods of time that come to an end before a new age or time period begins? Because I was still in transition. Now, by the light of this new insight, that dark, nagging fear about the words “end times” no longer has a home in me.

My marriage also recently began its own transition. In a short time, my husband and I have begun to realize new levels of personal authenticity. We find our relationship in mysteriously delightful spaces at times, uncanny only because neither of us have experienced reciprocal awakening before. Our marriage is entering a higher dimension through individual and mutual growth.

Conversations with my awakening family and friends are no longer driven by the worldly trepidations that appear to be intensifying. We have discovered an age of serenity within our individual selves that has captured our attention and makes the outside turbulence less palpable. As we rest in and experience this new phase, ascertaining all that it means to us, we find that it’s not just for us at all. Sharing and hearing the Good News from others, we recognize a delightful, collective consciousness.

In less than a year, I have seen new levels of shared empathy in relationship to my husband, my mom and my good friend. How these were all preceded by a restored relationship with myself is a longer story, still very Good News for a forthcoming piece. These stories reveal that we are being ushered into a dimension where releasing those old, binding energies will be easier than ever before, even instinctive and spontaneous.

2019 will be the year of freedom.



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