The Akashic Masters Tell Us What’s Important for 2019: Exquisite Self-Care


According to the Akashic Masters, self-care will be the most crucial aspect of 2019, but it goes far beyond bubble baths and a good night’s sleep. With the upcoming year being one of the most important bridges in human evolution, how you spend your time matters now more than ever.

2018 was a challenging time in the 3rd dimension. The chaotic nature of the macrocosm was reflected in the microcosm of our individual lives. It doesn’t matter whether the disturbance came from world events, career, family or relationships, most felt it in an intense way.

Whether you are anchored in the 3rd dimension reality of everyday life here on Earth or also experience the 4th dimensional plane where both light and dark still exist, the Akashic Masters call us all to be aware that evolution is pulling us toward the 5th dimension, a place outside time and space where infinite wisdom exists – the place our souls call home.

The idea of existing in a space without physical suffering, where ego and fear are but a memory, sounds blissful and the good news is that each of us can access it. The reality, however, is that the energetic resistance from those who don’t want to surrender the idea of worldly possessions as the hallmark of success means we must up our game to enter the 5th dimension and integrate its power into our lives.

The Akashic Masters tell us the 5th dimension is coming into being right now. You’ll recognize your energy is in this new higher vibration when you notice instant manifesting and the appearance of soul family members.

We have experienced more portals to this world in 2018 than ever before. You get to choose: remain committed to the material world, with all its disorder and discord, or step into the peace and wisdom that awaits us all in a new world. If you choose the latter, you must be committed to a different kind of self-nurturing.

Many of us are used to the self-care of Western culture that involves pedicures, healthy food and work-life balance. While these remain important, there are other ways we need to demonstrate love and nurturing to ourselves if we are to open the door to the 5th dimension and support the evolution of our species:

Spiritual Practice – Do you have one that is consistent? If not, now is the time to develop the habit of spending time focused on your soul. There are many ways to do this — prayer, meditation, yoga ( or even art ( have the power to connect us to that world. Do what you can while remembering that consistency yields the highest return on the investment of your time.

Gratitude – In a post-Oprah world, the word may seem a little clichéd, but there is nothing as powerful as the feeling of deep appreciation. Even on the lousiest of days, you can find a handful of things for which to be grateful — a reliable car, hot water, clean sheets, a friend who answers the phone. Recognition of the bounty in your life is a brick in the foundation of the 5th dimension.

Awareness – The world appears to moving at such a rapid pace and we have become adept multi-taskers. The downside is that you can’t be present in the moment when you’ve split it into three or four segments. Without presence, there is no awareness. As the energetic frequency of the world moves toward this new dimension, instant manifestations will become more common and we can connect to new members of our soul group who are here to support us. Notice these things and acknowledge your gratitude.

Positivity – This doesn’t mean acquiring a Pollyanna-ish attitude that denies the existence of things that may frustrate you. What it does require is a conscious commitment to eliminating as much negativity in your life as possible, both internally and externally. What do you say to yourself that is not kind or loving? How often do you watch the news, which mostly rehashes ugliness designed to separate us? Are there people who deplete you with their complaining or perspective?

Steadiness – On the way to the 5th dimension, we must pass through the astral plane of the 4th dimension. Both light and dark exist in this place and sometimes it’s confusing when we are committed to rising above the material world and find ourselves in a place of anger, disappointment or sadness. Remind yourself that each moment is transient. Nothing lasts forever.

Generosity – To support the connected nature of the 5th dimension, ask yourself what you can offer to the world. At a time of year where most are contemplating what they want to get out of 2019, I encourage you to ask what you can give. Whether it’s volunteering (, providing a way for like-minded people to gather or simply a commitment to do something kind every day, giving back is a powerful way to usher in this new world.

2019 will be an important year in our history and the Akashic Masters implore us to remember that as we make inroads to a new normal, it can be a bumpy journey, or we can make it easier by offering ourselves exquisite self-care in a way that supports our participation in evolution. Either way, we are headed to a chapter in the story of humanity and each of us gets to choose how we walk that path.



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