When Life Comes Calling


We live life as though it will always be there for us. We wake up, jump up, run through our day, eat, drink, run, run, run, off to bed and it all starts again the next day, over and over. It can be so exhausting. Until one day, one day when life says, “Okay, now it’s time. Now it’s time to show you what life is all about.”

You can continue to run from it, over and over, but it’s going to find you. It’s life. It’s your life. You don’t really want to escape from it, do you? And you can try to keep running, but it will be right there with you, all the days of your life. But when life has something to say to you, to teach you, it will — whether you like it or not. For there comes a time when life comes calling. Will you hear it knock upon your door of life? Will you pay attention? Will you heed its warning?

Life Happens
And then it happens. You start not feeling well. You start having accidents of any sort. And you start shaking it all off, thinking you’ve always done this thing called life like this so why would you need to change? But life has more in store for you. Life has seen you run through your life without stopping to take a look around. Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you lose your keys, you get locked out, you end up in the hospital, if you’re lucky.

Lucky you say? What would be lucky about that? Well, think about what would be worse than all of these things, like dying in an accident or from an illness. Life is trying to tell you something. Are you going to listen or take the chance of not listening to the warnings it gives? So you come from the doctor after being told that you have to slow down in life, and you have to stop doing all the things you love to do or do them less. Where is the life in that?

Life Is Everywhere
Life is all around you, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Take a moment when you wake up, before you open your eyes to soak in life, and just listen, breathe, relax. Enjoy the quiet moments before the rest of your body knows you’re alive. Ooops, too late, you’re awake now.

Open your eyes to see and hear the beauty in everything around you, your animals, your special people, the colors, the sunshine, the birds singing, the wind blowing, the moonlight, the stars, and everything in between. How great is that? How could you have missed that all of your life? You didn’t really. You just didn’t pay as much attention to it.

Life Messages
Even an old dog can learn new tricks. You too can learn new things. Go ahead, you can do it. Now’s the time to do some of the things you wanted to in life but never had the time — some of the things to help you relax and experience the world. Are you meant to travel, paint, sing, dance, walk more, take cooking classes? Close your eyes and listen to your heart.

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you ask yourself questions like: What color is the sky? What color are the clouds? What is your favorite color? Now, what is your body trying to tell you? If you could be anywhere right now, where would that be? What would you be doing?

What messages is your life sending to you? Why can’t you try that? What do you have to lose? Well, first of all, probably a lot of stress in your life from all that running around you were doing. Relaxing is so underrated. Relaxing, napping, reading, coloring, walking, journaling, writing, spending time with the people and animals in your life are all great ways to keep moving forward in life. Just because life changes as you grow in life doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself and it doesn’t even mean you can’t still do your life. We just need to change some things in life sometimes.

What is life trying to say to you? Are you prepared? What are you going to say when life comes calling? Take a few minutes to reflect on life. It just might be the time you take that gives you more life.


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