A Pleiadian Message: New Shifts connecting Humanity with God Light


Beloved ones, we greet you. The doorway of the higher dimensional realms has been swung wide open as the Corridor of Light further establishes more fully onto your planet. The God light continues to build in momentum creating a potent reaction as a monumental wave flowing across your Earth plane. The action of this wave of light is creating vast flows of electrical energy for your realignment into the higher realms.

You now have the potential to shift your alignment to a deeper aspect of your conscious Higher Self, which you can choose to self-realize through the unique currents and forms of this vibrational fluid multidimensional light. Within this new movement of light you are being reconnected to an expansive rhythmic vibration of Self. This unique force of light, which is awaiting connection to you, is pulsating throughout your Earth plane to support a “next step” of your transition into a higher awareness.

Through these continual streaming sacred emanations from the Corridor of Light, the great winds of change are being initiated within Earth. Through this pure force of action, this continuous flow of God light, love is being infused into the atmosphere of your planet.

Magnetic core
This holy essence has strongly impacted the magnetic core held within the central form of the Earth. This core has accelerated its dimensional frequency pulse, creating new life force to move outwards from its center. Simultaneously, this essence has been impacting the energetic systems of your body and flooding every physical cell with an expansive life force containing love.

Through this changing action within the Earth plane, there is a further shift within the dimensional landscape of your planet as it absorbs and then responds to this expanded light flow. The entire magnetic energetic system of the planet is being transformed. This force can be likened to a gentle wind, as the essence of light is slowly penetrating through every crevice of nature, supporting a natural expansion within the creation energy.

This opens up another experience of evolution on your planet. The God light consciousness is gathering and tending to all life forms on Earth. This includes your human element in preparation for your further transformation of a merging connection between both aspects of your makeup, human and sacred.

Multidimensional alliance
A webbing was forged at the time of New Year, as all the sacred sites on your planet were reconstructed and instantaneously formed a multidimensional alliance. They now collectively hold between them an energetic womb-like webbing, which has the design to stabilize and support you in your rebirth. Since the New Year your unique, innate sacred higher self is constantly and actively engaged within this profound, webbed womb, which is formed by pure light.

This entire happening is a dynamic process of change, in which you are fully participating whether you are consciously aware or not. What is essential for you to understand in this unfolding is that you are constantly being moved into a deeper metamorphic process. And know that some of these new interactions are engaged and initiated by you consciously and other aspects of these transmutations are being initiated through your Higher Self.

You are on a new path of acceleration through pre-agreement. This is a movement from destiny, and it is taking place now in your life. The ego mind is not involved in any aspect of this specific process. And it is imperative for you to let go now and recognize how this process is a sacred design and that you play an essential role in this complete picture. By consciously opening up into the “knowledge of the rhythm,” you align to the pace of this time of internal change that is taking place within you. This is empowerment. This time is about you letting go and allowing this sacred movement, this sacred current to take you and place you into a deeper connection to your unique God light. The action of empowerment is letting go and trusting the vastness of your Higher Self.

Sacred Helix
There is a constant deepening of an alliance with the central planes of the Universe and planet Earth that will continue to evolve over the following months. This period is called “the sacred Helix process.” An unlimited series of revolutionary alignments of light are being formed on the planet, and these alignments hold the ultimate design to open up a platform of reformed connections to planet Earth. This reforming platform will create a modality of communication to enable those of you on the path to fulfill your communion alignments with the rest of the resident Universe.

Remember, you are a member of this resident Universe and you are an essential element within this whole community. Your conscious re-emergence of communion will play a pivotal role within the completion plan of Earth’s full reinstatement within the God consciousness collective.

The “sacred Helix process” is leading Earth into a continual shift through the magnetic resonance of the core of the planet. This resonance is made up of vibrations of multidimensional light and its design is to transform the frequency of your planet to enable a new community of consciousness to birth. This will eventually transform the quality of light that will stabilize on Earth, shifting the pulse of life force within and to ultimately allow your planet to fully realign within the Universal multidimensional vibrational pulse.

Fluid resonance
Already your planet has shifted its vibrational pulse to move within range and frequency with the rest of the resident Universe. This has happened for the first time in the history of your planet. The sacred Helix process is designed to accelerate your resonance vibration on more expanded levels, and this will open and stabilize the Corridor of Light further within your planet, opening up the entire framework of the planet to become a fully engaging fluid resonance.

The anchoring of this fluid resonance will lead you into the full access of being able to carry this new resonance within the cells of your heart — enabling you to consciously engage through the Corridor of Light at will, and being able to fully utilize the light flow into your complete potential. Remember, the light flow is emanating a vibration of love that carries your unique signature of consciousness of your Higher Self.

You have been called forward to fulfill your destiny through engagement with the Corridor of Light in order to move within the Universe and to consciously reach outwards from your heart to engage with the magnetic pulse that is now actively flowing within your heart cells. This magnetic pulse is electric in nature and is linked within your telepathic center in your brain so your brain is able to respond immediately to your active conscious desires.

Magnetic pulses
Your aspect of God light resides energetically within your brain stem and interacts through your heart. This link is an aspect of the wiring that is part of your Higher Self within the physical system of your body. Your aspect of God light is formed by a series of magnetic pulses, which carry millions of minute frequency settings of brilliant, conscious light forms within you. This is your time to activate this facet of your sacred system.

A natural part of your makeup is the God light. As you consciously engage with the magnetic pulse through your heart cells, a series of active alignments within the cells of your body can begin to manifest that which you desire. This aspect of you, which has been lying dormant until now, will become lit up, and the light flow will move throughout all your cells. This opens up a reprogramming of all the transmitters within every cell, allowing your sacred system to be reignited.

With all of this unfolding within you and outside of you, a huge upheaval is taking place within your lives. Through the feeling of being out of control, of not knowing and not understanding from the ego mind, you will need to put aside the third-dimensional illusion of confusion. You must not let the illusions within your lives impact your progress. Yes, there will be moments of doubt, of fear. These are natural human responses. These feelings are normal. However, do not allow these moments to grow, get out of control and set you off balance. Simply hold your heart and breathe as you consciously align with your heart cells, to the magnetic pulse. This magnetic pulse can be likened to a second heartbeat. This heartbeat is your creation energy activating within your sacred system.

Doorways of opportunity
Through the activation of this system, a new experience begins to arise within. As you adjust into this space of being, you are asked to “actively wait” for the doorways of opportunity to open up to you as you align to the magnetic pulse. As the way is made clear, walk through the doorway and move into the flow of light, your current. Allow yourself to be taken and placed where you need to be for your next step of awakening. Let go, breathe and trust.

Remember, you are never alone. You are being guided, being held and loved as you move forward. A lot of things will not make sense to the ego mind. This is because the ego mind does not understand anything outside the illusion. Expect the unexpected, open to receive the miracles and magic of your being. Full engagement of this system is made possible through conscious choice of reconnection within your heart. Multidimensional pathways have been reopened for you to enter these realms. This is your time for engagement within the Higher Self realms. Change is upon you, and only through the conscious choice engagement within your heart can you step forward into this multidimensional terrain.

We are to play essential roles in your reconnections like never before. We bring to you information and clarity with simple steps to enable you to re-engage with the higher aspect of your Self. The doors are wide open and there are many of you who are destined to take the higher path of reconnection to your Higher Realm positions consciously.

There are many teams of life force groups within our Universe who are to play pivotal roles with you. We are simply part of a vast team within the Universe that has made a commitment to support you on Earth at this time. Know this commitment is part of our pre-agreement, fulfilling our own destiny in this incarnation. We play this full role of holding the platform for those of you who are ready, with joy and celebration.

Earth now holds a vastly different patterning of energy since your New Year. The new patterning has transformed the energetics of the planet, and its design is to allow you to enter and stabilize within a different realm of dimensional consciousness. This will propel you forward to self realize your destiny, fulfilling your mission.


Use the following process to engage with the magnetic pulse within your heart cells:

1. Both palms need to be physically connected to your full chest area, which is your full heart space.

2. Use the conscious breath (a breath in and out of the mouth). Bring your awareness to where your hands are connecting to your chest and place your conscious breath, like a soft wind, within the space of your heart.

3. Repeat this breath until you feel your heart space responding to you. Maybe you will feel vibration, a color, heat or an opening. You may see, sense or feel this opening response.

4. Now bring in the sacred sound, LANTAH, (pronounced larn tar). Bring the frequency of your sound directly within the opening. The sound begins to align you to the magnetic pulse. Keep allowing the opening to expand from the sound. Use the sound as many times as you need until the heart has fully responded to your sound.

5. Bring your awareness within the space that has opened through your sound and claim the energy within the space as fully as you can.

6. When this feels complete, bring your awareness back to your hands resting on your chest and feel your body, your feet on the floor.

You can repeat this process daily if you choose or wait until you are ready to continue into a further reconnection.

Take the time to slow down and engage through your heart cells to reclaim your sacred heritage — and be. Let go and open your awareness into the moment to receive your Self within that moment and glimpse all that you are. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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