A Prayer for your Heart


The grace of all that is flows like a mighty river. Will our hearts be the dam or will they allow in the transformation that awaits? The choice is yours. Choose wisely, for you know who you came here to be.

When you allow your heart to be open, you give yourself a great gift. You allow your true essence to flow forward from your heart. In that, you become free, free to make choices that go beyond the limited mind and enter into a fullness that abides your knowing.

You may think of this like a candy shop. Look around and you see all of the glistening candy wrappers with promises of enjoyment contained within. Well, the truth of who you are is that candy shop — only it lasts forever, for its sweetness is endless. And its beauty cannot be purchased, only found.

It is time to unwrap the layers of illusion that have kept you small and imprisoned. Dive into your heart — the center of your being — where the rivers of glistening gold and delicious sweetness reside. The choice to enter is solely yours.

To support your heart to attune to its highest vibration, I share this light drawing with you (see above). This drawing comes from my heart and from my connection with All That Is. It is here to support your heart to recalibrate and attune, to release what is no longer needed, to soothe and to nourish so that your heart’s cells can more easily receive light, so that you can shine your brightest! You may gaze at the image and imagine that it is dropping into your heart. Relax, breathe and welcome in its light.

May you know yourself to be a blessing in this year of 2019, and may you listen to your heart’s beckoning.

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