Attune Your Eternal Flame


“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the Heart.” — Buddha

Our human heart is full of many emotions and old memories. Inside of that heart there is a bright light shining like a candle flame in a room without wind. We can call this our pure heart or the heart of our Higher Self. When we are silent enough, we can feel this light steady and clear. Meditation can help us find this steady and clear presence inside of our Self. This eternal flame is the pure heart and the Source of the Universe radiating inside us.

The pure heart is our true Self. It is the eye of our consciousness experiencing the kind of life we are living. During the day when we are not in meditation and step out into our life and activity in the world, our heart flame is shaken by the winds of emotion and pressures from the world around us. When the eye of the flame is shaking, we cannot see anything clearly. The flickering and shaking of our own vision will distort every perception and we will feel off balance, confused and make misjudgments.

We are more likely to have these distortions leading to misjudgments and misguided action when we empower the things around us more than we empower the pure heart inside of us. The truth is that nothing is more important than our own pure heart. Any time we react to someone or something else or get overpowered by our emotions, the flame of the heart begins to shake and we lose our balance. If we want to enjoy our life and act to benefit our Self and this Universe, we must begin to feel the pure light of our heart. Only then can we see clearly what that action is rather than make a misjudgment from within the distortion of our reactions.

The pure heart flame is steady and peaceful. We can learn to feel the pure heart and protect it from the winds and pressures of the world. We cannot control this with our mind. We can only feel this silence inside our heart and love it as the Source of our happiness and fulfillment in life.

What do we need to learn? The easiest way to do this is to make your pure heart a priority in your life. This is done through your intention, focus, and practice. There is nothing more important than your own pure heart. When you make anything else or anyone else more important, your heart will be shaking and distort the reflections of everything you see and do in your life. Any other priority bends the light of Truth and upsets the balance of your life.

Feel the silence of your pure heart deep inside and honor it as your true Self. This is the most natural way to transform your life from pain and stress into greater joy and more creativity than you could ever imagine. Be still…be in your pure heart… be the eternal you!


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