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Over the years, my husband Michael and I have had some amazing conversations with our son Tristan. I have always written them down since I felt they are very important. I wrote this entry when Tristan was just 7 years old. We had just returned from attending a playgroup, and he was tired so we just sat together relaxing. After a while, we began this conversation.

Janiece: You really had a great day today, didn’t you.
Tristan: Yes, I had fun, but I am really tired. It isn’t so easy to be in my body. I liked the way I was before I came to Earth.

Janiece: Can you tell me what you were like before coming to Earth?
Tristan: We all looked like God, but smaller.

Janiece: What does God look like.
Tristan: You know, Mom, light and energy.

Janiece: I am so happy that you remember that. What did you do when you were in that form.
Tristan: Well, we flew around a lot. I miss flying so much. It was so beautiful, and all the other Spirits were so loving. It was nice, and I didn’t want to leave.

Janiece: Well, God must have wanted you to come here for an important reason. Do you remember what that was?
Tristan: Yes, God told me that so many people had forgotten how to love on Earth that I had to come and teach people how to love again.

When Tristan was 16 years old, we discussed the conversation we had nine years earlier, and this is what he had to say. We also continued our discussion about many other subjects that Tristan wanted to share.

Tristan: It hasn’t always been that easy for me to be on Earth. I didn’t want to come here in the first place. Remember Mom that I told you that I was a Light Being up in the Stars? My friends and I were flying around, and we somehow got separated. I was lost and didn’t know where to go. Then God came, and I asked God to help me get home. God said it was my time to go to Earth. I told God that I didn’t want to return to Earth because I remembered other lives there that were not good. I also told God that I didn’t want to go back to Earth, because many people were being hurt. God said to me that so many people had forgotten how to love that I had to come to Earth and teach them how to love again. So after a long conversation, I decided to go even though I still really didn’t want to.

Janiece: Do you remember your experience coming here?
Tristan: I met with some other light beings who helped me pick you and Dad to be my parents and then I went through a portal and came to Earth. I remember going through the portal. It had window-type things, and I could see out at the stars going by.

Janiece: What was it like when you came to Earth?
Tristan: When I got in my body it didn’t feel good, and I didn’t like being upside down. I felt dizzy. I climbed up, it took a long time, but finally, I was able to sit comfortably. It felt better, but I still didn’t like being in my body. There were many times when I left my body to fly around in the stars again, but I always came back because I knew God wanted me to go to Earth. When I was born the first person who held me was my grandfather. He was in spirit form because he crossed over in May and I was born in July. He and I still visit a lot.

Janiece: When you were a baby did you get used to being in your body?
Tristan: Not so much. Being in my body was very hard when I was a baby and when I was little. It felt very uncomfortable. When I was in my body, I felt very weak, probably since I never totally came into it. Because I felt uncomfortable, I left my body a lot to fly around up in the stars. You and Dad helped me so much because you held me so much and that made me feel more comfortable. I also liked all the massages you and dad gave me because they were so helpful.

Janiece: Yes. I can understand why those places would be more enjoyable for you to visit. What about talking. It didn’t seem like that was so easy for you either.
Tristan: No, it was hard. It’s so much easier to talk to others in “my mind.” I have so much information coming to me that it is hard to get it all out when I talk out loud. It sounds like I have trouble talking because I have to slow down. When you speak telepathically, it comes from your heart, and talking out loud kind of disconnects you from your heart. So kids like me who are very aware and feel more have a harder time because we are in our hearts, and most people on Earth are in their heads. When you communicate from your heart, it’s like you use more parts of your brain which opens you up to seeing so much more. It’s hard to explain. I don’t know why I started to talk out loud; it just happened. I talk a lot now, but still, some people have a hard time understanding me.

Janiece: I am happy that you like to speak out loud. That’s good because we never thought you would talk, but I hear what you are saying that it hasn’t been easy for you. It must be a little difficult slowing down to speak out loud because telepathic communication and communicating energetically is more advanced and that is what you do very well. So it is almost like you have had to go backward and learn to speak out loud again.
Tristan: Yeah, that isn’t so good. But you helped a lot by not making me talk when I wasn’t ready. That way, we connected through our heart center, and I could teach you to be telepathic. You didn’t even know I was showing you, but that’s what I was doing (laughing).

Janiece: Oh yeah, I remember getting all kinds of messages, feelings and pictures from you. I still do. Thank you for reawakening me to that gift, because I do remember having it when I was a child. I love it. I think people will go more towards that way of communicating when they connect more with their heart center. What do you think?
Tristan: I think that will happen, although it is taking too long. I get impatient with people sometimes. It would be good if people connect with their hearts so they can be telepathic and communicate energetically.

Is there any other information you feel would be helpful to others, especially if they have children like you?
Tristan: A few things that help me feel more comfortable in my body are walking in the forest around our home, meditating, energy healings and doing QiGong.

Janiece: Is there anything else you want people to know about you and other kids like you.
Tristan: One more thing. If you meet a kid who is different from others, maybe they are like me and don’t talk like a regular kid, or maybe they don’t talk at all, or maybe they behave differently, that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with us. Just get to know us and don’t try to change us to be who you want us to be. Being different is good. For so long on Earth, everything has been done the same way and look how things are going. Not good. We feel a lot more than most people, and we have come to show you what is not working on Earth and how to change it. So listen to us with an open heart to understand our true message. We are love.

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Janiece, Michael and Tristan S. Boardway
Tristan S. Boardway is a gifted intuitive reader, healer, and teacher, and works with people around the world. He enjoys sharing his multidimensional travels with his family and everyone who is interested in expanding their consciousness. Tristan is currently taking classes at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. He also enjoys filming and editing. When Tristan was 16 years old, he made a short documentary entitled "One Message." Tristan and Janiece have co-authored the book, "The Light We Share" sharing Tristan's experiences before incarnating on Earth in this lifetime. Tristan was mentioned in two books on Spiritually Gifted Children and is a contributing author of a chapter entitled "The Gift of Awareness" in Be The Star You Are book. Janiece L. Boardway initially received her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and Marriage, Family & Child Counseling. After the birth of her son, Tristan in 1993 who came into this life fully Alive, Awake and Aware, she has shifted her focus to a more spiritual realm. Together with her husband, Michael, they learned to navigate their way with very little information in a World that didn't quite understand the uniqueness of these New Children nor their part in our evolutionary process. By listening to their inner knowing, Michael and Janiece have allowed Tristan to take them on an incredible journey. This family works together as spiritual energy healers, intuitive readers and teachers assisting children, teens, adults and their families all over the world. Together, this family has written the book, "Our Family's Journey: The Nurturance and Empowerment of a Spiritually Gifted and Aware Star Child with Crystalline Energy and his Parents." Please visit this family at their website www.saturn3lightflyers.com.


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