Heart Consciousness


In the 1990s, I had a unique opportunity to participate for seven years in a spiritual growth group led by a spirit called Uranus, who was channeled by a trance medium. The goal of the group was self-transformation through the teachings and practical exercises of Uranus.

The most important advice Uranus gave us group members was that we should listen to the voice of our heart. All my fears and suspicions were immediately awakened then, because I had always thought that my inner voice would only tell me what I wanted to hear. Out of curiosity, however, I decided to listen to what my heart would tell me, and after a few experiments I felt how I came alive and was strengthened every time I followed the advice of my heart.

For example, when I felt tired, I took a rest; I didn’t try to force myself to perform tasks like before. I learned that my heart never speaks to me in the “should” form, so whenever I find myself thinking that I “should” do something, I know that the values and attitudes of the society are now talking in me. I also noticed that a vague feeling of anxiety and self-loathing always rose in me if I let other people’s thoughts, emotions, denials and restrictions influence me.

Whenever I followed the voice of my heart, things somehow began to get in order in my life. I felt that I was more often in the right place at the right time, I had opportunities to do what I truly wanted to do, and I got to witness downright miracles. Little by little, I began to have faith that I would get all that I need and I would do fine in this life.

My greatest insight, however, was that the fulfilment of life is born of a connection to the inner reality, not to the outer reality. Then we cease to follow our own or other people’s norms and we can be ourselves. We trust the voice of our heart and act accordingly at every moment of our life.

Uranus also gave us an empowering exercise that focuses on the heart. Put your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your stomach near the navel, and breathe in deeply as if you were breathing straight into your heart. In this way you connect with life and love, for love streams through your right hand into your emotional center and reinforces there all the manifestations of love. Focus your mind on this love and transmit it into the emotional center, when it frees your body, your nervous system, everything in you, healing, cleansing, balancing and strengthening.


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