How to ‘Heart Speak’


A wise man was teaching parents how to help young people learn to use their extrasensory abilities. I wanted to know if my son was telepathic. He told me to say something telepathically to my son and I would find out. He said, “Speak through your heart like it’s a telephone. Talk as if he can hear you. Beam the signal out your heart space. But never move your focus from your heart.”

Your heart is like a radio that beams constantly at a very high frequency, along with whatever information you are thinking. If you drop the frequency of your feelings, you drop out of the heart range and the message can be received with a vibration less than loving, causing relationship problems. The heart frequency is 528 Hz, the vibration of unconditional love.

I knew I loved my son unconditionally, so I prepared to try it.

First, I tried a non-critical issue. My son’s processing disability makes reading challenging. I’d never seen him read a book for enjoyment. I wanted to help.

I wrote down what I wanted to say. I practiced picking up the imaginary phone and keeping myself focused on love and on myself, because this was after all, all about me. I said, “Hi, Son, this is your mom. I love you so much! In fact, so much that I was wondering about something. I want to do what I can to make sure you are enjoying life as much as you can as my son. This is all about me. You are perfect just the way you are and I love you just as you are.”

“I also love reading,” I continued. “I’ve had some of my best times with books and characters. You already have a lot of reading going on as you are in college, but I wonder if you might also like reading books, you know, fiction? I love it. You don’t have to just because I do, I love you with or without books, but if you get a chance to read a really good book, you might love it just like I do, and that would be fun and would make me so happy. Anyway, I love you. I hope you are having fun at college. Don’t forget to have lots of fun. Always know I love you. Love, Mom. Bye.” Then I hung up the imaginary phone.

While I practiced, I noticed that I was tempted to let my vibration drop — to explain, to persuade, to offer criticism, to complain that I was worried about him or that I felt clumsy about my parenting. My focus would drop from my heart space and I’d have to leave out that part of what I was going to say.

When I was done with my heart speak “phone call,” I just let the issue go and did not let myself think about it again. That weekend, my son came home from college with a Barnes & Noble shopping bag and came right up to me.

“See, Mom?” he said as he pulled a novel out of the bag. “I bought a book.”

I have used “heart speak” with loved ones many times. It’s particularly good for passing on esoterically obtained information without requiring conscious acknowledgement of my esoteric practice. Every time I’ve used it with my son, he joyously mentioned the subject the next time we met in person. And my relationship with him feels closer.

I have taught people how to “heart speak.” I believe anyone can learn with practice and focus, but there are no short cuts. A friend tried it on an in-law whom she considers verbally abusive to her son, and struggled with the results. Don’t use it to persuade, criticize or correct others.

In the heart space, we are all perfect. We all have ESP. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know how to use a telephone and there isn’t anyone who doesn’t know how to receive information through the heart space. And to send information through heart speak, all you need is to be able to generate unconditional love. We can all do it. It is just a matter of being willing to do it right.


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