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When I was a child my father talked about intelligent life in the universe. (I wondered, “Aren’t we intelligent life?”) He wanted me to know that there were other forms of life in the universe. When he spoke about outer space, the stars came alive. In the summers I would lie on our cement front porch and stare at the ebony night sky wondering if these other life forms knew there was intelligent life on Earth.

I never doubted that someday we would make contact with these star beings. At the time I did not realize there were billions of galaxies in space. And, of course, the phrase “they are light years away from us” did not make sense to me. I believed their planets were not that far away…they were right next door — literally. These star beings are our neighbors.

In the ’80s and ’90s, I read books on outer space. I read about people in the government who had witnessed space-related events and about celebrities and members of the public who had firsthand accounts of meeting star beings. This was all very mystifying and enchanting to me.

In the late 1990s I was followed by cloud ship in Omaha, Nebraska. It followed me for miles. I wasn’t scared — a little taken aback — but not scared. At the time I was really into angels. I figured it was an angel cloud ship. In 2001, the same ship showed up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I was visiting. A couple of months later, the cloud ship followed me in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Did I know them? Did they know me? Who were they? And why were they following me?

In 2004, I met the youngest granddaughter of Sheriff George Wilcox from Roswell, New Mexico. He was sheriff at the time of the Roswell Alien Crash Incident. From what I have researched on that event, I believe it had been a landing — a goodwill landing. My perception is that their mission was to forge a friendship with humanity and to share technology.

The Roswell incident happened in July 1947. Most of the technology retrieved by the United States military from the ship was sent to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This is not a secret. Many books, documentaries, a TV movie and a television show have made this information public. Since 2004, I have met several family members related to Sheriff George Wilcox of Roswell.

I have met Dr. Lynne Kitei, author of the book The Phoenix Lights, who wrote about the incident in 1997 when several unidentified flying objects were spotted by thousands of people flying over Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.

I also learned about the late ET sculptor Cynthia T. Crawford from Arizona who created various sculptures of star beings and sold them to customers around the world. According to her website, she was a hybrid created in a petri dish.

Here is my question: Why isn’t this information more mainstream? Why haven’t more people heard of Roswell, the Phoenix Lights and Crawford? World leaders, astronauts, politicians, policemen, journalists, scientists, doctors, musicians, celebrities and members of the public have talked about their encounters. Even His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that when these sentient beings, extraterrestrials, arrive, respect them (search YouTube).

I would like to share my perspective on why this information is not very well known.

When we say the word “alien,” we think of someone or something that is different from ourselves. And yet, if you have the understanding that there is One Divine Source and that we are expressions of that One Divine Source, how can we be separate from each other?

Virtually every spiritual practice and religion considers us spiritual beings. The One Divine Source is known to be incorporeal, spiritual, without a physical body. Perhaps the universe is made up entirely of spiritual beings.

When we use words to identify ourselves from each other, we become alien to each other. We appear to be separate from each other.

Consider the word “extraterrestrial.” It seems to refer to something different than ourselves, but when you take the word apart it is actually talking about us. The word “extra” can mean additional, or to a greater extent than usual — and the word “terrestrial” means of, on or relating to the Earth.

We are these beautiful, infinite and eternal spiritual beings. Levitation, teleportation, the bending of spoons, walking on hot coals, reading people’s minds and numerous other reported phenomena may not be something extraordinary. Just maybe, it is ordinary. Maybe they are our innate traits. Yogis, gurus, shamans, medicine men, saints, Buddha, Christ Jesus and countless others have demonstrated such natural abilities. Perhaps all of us use them — only we aren’t even aware of it.

In recent weeks I have wondered, are extraterrestrials and aliens from outer space a reflection of us?

Perhaps why this subject is not in the mainstream is because on a certain level of human awareness, we already know that we are each other, that extraterrestrials, intelligent life and extraordinary celestial beings are really a part of who we are. And perhaps through our progression of revealing ourselves to ourselves, we will be able to acknowledge and accept our true selves.

And perhaps we don’t need to go visit the stars, because they are a part of us.

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Virginia Cervantes
Virginia Cervantes is an independent environmental researcher who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She has researched and interviewed individuals connected to the 1947 Roswell Alien Incident. She is the author of the children's story, Dear Shooting Star. Virginia continues to research and practice several spiritual modalities. She has several testimonies published in the Christian Science periodicals. Contact her at [email protected].


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