Open Your Heart to Healing


We live in a world so in need of healing, yet to do so we need to take the time to achieve it. We need to allow our heart to open to the many possibilities before us. Healing starts within you, deep within your heart, and it radiates out to your body as it pulses through you. We need only relax and accept it.

Open Your Heart
To heal we need to let go of the busy world around us if only for short periods at a time. The heart is a place I find myself experiencing a higher form of connection to the world and, in turn, healing. We think of our heart as an organ, but it is so much more. Without our heart beating, our body would not go on living. I find myself opening this chakra when I am around nature and animals.

When I get away from the busy world, I relax in the beauty of nature to see the fine intricacies that lie before me. Standing at the ocean, listening to the waves, caresses my soul into a state of harmony, breathing in the negative ions as my feet soak up the salt water. Plovers flutter along the shoreline as my dog sniffs out every grain of sand. My heart is full of life. I am grateful. I am blessed. Thank you, Lord.

Animals help us enrich our hearts to burst forth with living energy. They all have a purpose in life in teaching us how to live in union with this planet. Connecting with wild animals is the purest form of love to open your heart and communicate on their level.

Your hormones change as you open your heart to release fear and surround yourself with love. Harley, a wild cougar, has taught me to release fear in the kindest of ways. Bud, a Black Percheron, has taught me how to open my heart and speak without words. In all of these cases, the energy we share helps us both revitalize and rejuvenate not just us, but the world around us, to face what lies ahead with more ease as our heart beats with compassion for the world.

When my heart is full of love, I am full of healing to share with others. As my heart beats, my love flows. For we are but an instrument of peace, love and healing that we can take into the world to make it a better place. Through Him, with Him, in Him, my heart is full of healing.

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