The Gift of Open Heart


Some time ago after a healing session with me, one of my clients asked: “May I offer you a Gift of Open Heart?” I said yes. The whole thing took about five minutes and was one of most profound, deep, joyful and beautiful experiences in my life. I know it is one of those experiences I will treasure forever. It reconnected me with the Divine field of my heart, where access to Universal Love and Grace reside. This is a magic place where the smiling essence of existence shines.

After some practice, I’m able to dwell in my heart more often and for a longer time. The reality I experience there bypasses the left brain and ego. The possibilities are endless. The connections I have with clients and people in general are very deep and profound — and it is contagious! I can see effects of it on people in my proximity.

I asked my Angel client to teach me how to facilitate this beautiful gift. He taught me with a smile.

There is a part of us that we forgot we have, and it is patiently waiting to be discovered again. We are all on this journey of always choosing to see the world through the eyes of the heart. In doing so, we change perspective and perceive reality in its natural loving and balanced way.

The energy field of the heart is a hundred times larger than the energy field of the brain. The energy of the heart is where the essence of it all resides. It is unique to every person like fingerprints and, yet, it is part of the whole and connected to all.

Dwell in the heart
There is a way to dwell in our hearts and perceive any situation from that place. This process allows us to see the “big” picture and make very precise adjustments to our current situation. It bypasses the ego and allows intuition to come in.

So please, stop everything and close you eyes and breathe deeply for a second or two. Then slide, dive, or take an elevator down to your heart and fill your presence there with the experience of love and compassion. Allow the white and gold color to spread. Share this with everyone. It is highly contagious and its effect has no barriers.

Practice dwelling in the field of the heart. Take your time and practice to get there. Doing so will open unlimited possibilities. One of them is intuition. Start by asking little questions and hear this little voice with no emotion attached to it. It will say yes or no at the beginning, and in time it will express in full sentences. It is a voice of our Higher Self, our soul. It sees the big picture, and it offers advice with perfect clarity and wisdom.

The challenge is our mind, for it has tunnel vision and is based in the current plane of reality. The goal is to make it our friend, not our enemy. It will do any useful task we ask it to do after we consult our intuition first. Listening to this little voice will make our presence here much easier, even when challenges and difficulties are at hand.

Remember to check with your heart at all times, every day. Receive the answer and smile.

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Bogdan Borkowski
Bogdan Borkowski is alternative medicine practitioner offering; The Gift of Open Heart, Reconnective Healing and Reconnection. Bogdan teaches "Listen to your Heart it knows" class. He is founder of bhealed LLC. Visit or The Gift of Open Heart on Facebook.


  1. I would love to hug the person in the photo, she looks like a free spirit. I wish I could travel back in time to 1968.


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