The Sacred Heart


Knowing that we are presently entering into and birthing a new age of greater peace, love and harmony is extremely relevant to our 21st century lives — especially when so many are despairing about what an increasingly dark, violent and fear-filled world is doing to our planet and its inhabitants.

The golden age we now are moving toward should offer hope and encouragement to persist and strive to make ourselves into greater self-loving, self-accepting human beings, knowing as we do this that we expand our capacity to love and accept others whatever our differences — and ultimately, we succeed in bringing forth an energy that furthers the creation of a light-filled new age.

In my whole life, I have never been religious. Spiritual and mystical? Yes. However, if I could recommend one “religion” for these tough, tumultuous and transformative times, it would be the religion of the Heart — the Sacred Heart.

What if a much greater number of us would choose to make a practice — an experiment, a devotion, a challenge, a game, but a serious one like chess — of focusing on being in the heart space as we go about our daily living, decision-making and interactions? What would happen?

A miracle would happen. At least one small corner of the world would burst, break open and change in a heartbeat.

New age thinking, traditional indigenous ways and ancient wisdom traditions converge and “conspire” to inspire and propel us to remember who we really are. From God. Of God. And we are all One. And God/dess is in the Heart. When we awaken to our God-Selves, it becomes easier to see the Divine in others and experience greater Oneness. It also becomes more natural to be kind and compassionate to other human beings and sentient creatures. By so doing, we lend a powerful and vital healing balm for the wounds and mistrust that plague our present polarized world.

The heightened technology of the 21st century — featuring the accelerated speed and compression of time and space in travel, computer technology, the internet and social media — are virtually shrinking our world for instant access and connection with others everywhere, thereby creating a global consciousness, a virtual oneness.

This is mirroring and reflecting back to ourselves the new age oneness consciousness that is blossoming inside of us. At this critical and unique juncture in human history, the reason why we are all here is to bring heaven “down” to Earth. This change from third-dimensional dualistic, oppositional energies to the fifth-dimensional energies of love and peace requires little more than a shift in our perception and perspective to higher, more loving and harmonious frequencies. The difference between dimensions is simply a matter of perception.

Ascended master Djwhal Khul, in his book The Diamond Light, alludes to this actuality: “…You are already in all dimensions; only your consciousness is limited to the third. Everything you perceive in your third dimensional reality has energy matrices in the fourth, fifth, sixth and higher dimensions that help to hold your physical form together.”

In the “religion” of the Sacred Heart, as I call it, the Divine Feminine is leading the way. She is bringing us to a brave, new world of co-creation, cooperation, collaboration and connectedness with ourselves, our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our souls, our celestial family of masters, archangels, angels, the Creator of All That Is, the celestial bodies, the universe and our beloved Mother Earth.

It is the attunement to the heart and its higher intelligence and consciousness and its connection with the soul that will save us and our planet.

Vivekanada once said of Ramakrishna that he was incapable of the least discrepancy between belief and action: “He had the most wonderful faculty of carrying everything into practice which he thought was right.” I am fond of this quote, but I would replace “thought” with “felt.” What “feels right” offers us a very reliable intuitive guide to knowing what to do in a certain situation. It involves listening to the authority and wisdom of the heart and soul, and in this process empowering ourselves to create greater balance, integrity and truth in the world.

The ultimate frontier intrinsic and vital to the 21st century is the expansion and exploration of consciousness.
And the paradigm shift of the new age advances the consciousness of the power of the Divine Feminine to restore balance and wholeness to a still highly — yet crumbling — patriarchal world, whose oppression, suppression and abuses have brought us to the edge of planetary destruction.

Nevertheless, the old ways that no longer work or serve us are on their way out — and there is no turning back.


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