A New Earth in the Making

An excerpt from I’ll Meet you at the Lost and Found

The world is undergoing an all-encompassing transformation that is pushing the individual to shift his focus inward and reclaim the right of innate bliss. On a vibrational level, people are irrevocably starting to understand that, contrary to popular belief, happiness is not externally derived, and some friction is bound to be born out of that.

Mainstream news reports note chaos and fear, with depression cited as the world’s most widespread illness. People are aching more than ever for a fundamental explanation as to who they actually are and what they are meant to be doing within their anthropocentric and ego-ruled societies geared towards violence and self-destruction.

But if this general air of malaise could be regarded as the desperate screech of the Inner Self longing to be heard, it would be possible to recognize the strike of the soul, as it no longer wishes to live a life out of context. Everything that has been suppressed and denied is gearing up to take center stage, nudging not so subtly to reprogram the entire operating structure as human beings around values that no longer root in the old foundation of fear.

Gaia is undergoing the motions of a new day and, luckily for her, an increasing amount of people are awakening to discover an essentiality of human development in the conscious relinquishment of the comfort of old paradigms and setting out in an internal search for answers — an act of infinite courage that sees the individual assume a 360-degree angle of self-responsibility for their life creation. This modern warrior is being recruited to join in the most rebellious act mankind has ever seen: to commit to unconditional love and respect themselves fully from today on.

It will be a silent and internal revolution to break free from the matrix and recognize their true and limitless potential — because only in the absence of unconditional self-love can man be manipulated into creating his prison.

Adamantly armed with an endless thirst for knowledge and unreserved inner strength to carry through the fens of their illusionary self, they are the warriors who won’t step down from the evolutionary mountain of self-consciousness. Pushed by an invisible force, they are nudged to look past the illusion of the ego self and reach inwardly for an integrated acquisition of conscious awareness.

Assume the warrior’s stance and seek the courage to be aware.

The ability to keep an open mind about our nature is a prerequisite to conscious expansion, although the whole affair can get rather convoluted if we are expected to hold opinions on every matter we encounter. Whether we are coaxed to be against or for an argument, be believers or nonbelievers, we are habitually summoned by our exterior reality to choose one side of a fence. When there’s so much out there for us to process daily, it becomes easier and less frightening to pull blanket decisions and call it a day. Unfortunately, without individual scrutiny we risk falling into the close-minded wardrobe where torpid thoughts and stuffy air become the invisible plateaus on our journey. Ego loves it in there — with no adversary to challenge his steady inflation, the nurture of his illusionary existence becomes effortless.

As we let our hearts speak louder and clearer, we allow the intellectual game to be paused for a moment and intuition to unfold at last.

Heart knows more than mind.

Your soul is wise and all knowing. It communicates with you in funny ways when you are not actively listening to it, but trust that it only wants you to find your way back as soon as you can spare it. Standing alone on the sideline of creation is not the funniest pastime you can pick out. Empowering yourself with the notion that, yes, you can choose what to experience is by far more entertaining.

The word authentic in itself means “from the source,” the quality of being the real naked you and expressing yourself without encumbrance. It is the You that is comfortable in your own skin, without the mask that many have been accustomed to wear. Being authentic is a courageous act by definition; only a warrior like you could accomplish such a splendid feat.

Being authentic is your birthright, your true essence and your duty, not only for yourself but for everybody around you. When you choose to express yourself and live a life centered in your inner truth, you become the light worker, the inspiration, the beacon in the darkness for others to see. Hope, strength and courage is all you will project along your path, and that in itself is more amazing than any Ph.D. you claim to have earned.

Participating in the game of life with your highest state of awareness is the biggest gift you can bestow onto humanity. You don’t need to write a bestseller or go to Africa to become a spiritual missionary; being aware is all you need to do, and it will count so much more than anything you can conjure up in your mind. It’s not about the status or stature of what you do in your life, but the degree to which you are connected to your inner light and organically become that light of energy for others.

You can’t check-out and be as effective — participating in the world and knowing that it is all an illusion will allow you to play it from a heightened state of awareness. Imagine how the self-aware taxi driver can drive through Manhattan and take his inner light consciously through the streets for others to vibrationally feel. He would change the whole damn town by just being. He would inspire, ignite and affect more lives than you can possibly imagine.

So carry on bringing the stamp of your soul into your awakened consciousness, merge the DNA of your spirit into who you are and go about living your daily life from this heightened state of being. You are changing the world and saving lives as we speak. Cue the gospel and hallelujah.


  1. Has anyone ever changed reality by creating their own. Sounds good and positive but is not reality which isn’t an illusion when its our reality and experience.


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