Affirm: ‘My Spirit and Flesh are One’


There is no separation between spirit and flesh, thoughts and flesh, and emotions and flesh. This is an opposing or “alternate” belief to what many of us are taught in childhood and it’s absolutely revolutionary.

Place this affirmation into your heart space by bringing your awareness or your hands to your chest and allowing your breath to meet you there as you speak the words aloud or say them in your mind.

These words introduce a new model for experiences to filter through, a new pathway for information to flow and a new structure through which meaning is derived. In other words, this affirmation helps you to create a belief that supports your health and well-being. When thoughts group together they form beliefs, and it is our beliefs that tell emotion how to behave in our bodies. Bringing awareness to our beliefs restores full health, to not just our bodies but to our minds and to our life circumstances. When you begin to bring attention to your body and listen with an open heart, you’ll notice that physical sensations are attached to thoughts and emotions.

We can work with our bodies through tuning into our cycles, drinking water, eating food, touch, sound and movement. Since we are always using our bodies, we always have the opportunity to ask ourselves, “How does this feel?” We don’t need to have a special diet, lifestyle or talent to do this work, we just need to have a body.

If you’ve been looking for something, it’s surely in your body. Our bodies are doors into other realms. Two of those realms are thought and emotion. I like to think of “emotion” as the energy that runs through our bodies, or, the way that our bodies interpret energy. Our bodies hold not just the key to every door but every door. One of those doors is pain. When we sink into our pain and give it the freedom to move in us, it transforms into something new. We can receive the gifts we’ve asked for when we let our pain speak.

The body is the map to everything that is seemingly “outside” of what we identify with. Imagine asking a question but being terrified to hear the answer because it might threaten your sense of self, the very “I” that you believe yourself to be. If you believe that the answer to your prayers, the manifestation of your desire or the answer to your question is going to hurt you, you will not hear the answer. Your body will block the door because your belief says that your identity needs to be protected. Here we see pain, tension, confusion and disease in the flesh. We can receive the gifts we’ve asked for when we listen to our bodies with the willingness to allow our emotions to move however they need. We don’t have to understand this process before we do it, because emotion is intelligent and informs us as we go.

What if each of us could feel the power in our flesh? What if each of us knew that no judgment, no assault or abuse, no thought or word could ever take away the freedom that rests in each cell of our bodies? What if each of us could read our own DNA, decoding in the moment the information most relevant to our situation? This is the reality we create when we trust the purity, wisdom and authority of our flesh.

This body is not just a vehicle for our consciousness to experience life on Earth, it is our consciousness manifest as Earth. Trust your body, let it speak to you. It is you and it holds all of your answers. Let it tell you its stories. Let it profess its love and remind you of the miracle and wisdom of your spirit. Let it show you what freedom is and where you can find it.

Use the affirmation, “My spirit and flesh are one,” to reunite your mind, body and emotions. Remember, it’s safe to listen to your body and you’ll never lose your stories. They might just move.


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