Being Unconditionally Loving In Relationships


Since my early 20s, I have developed a strong desire in my life to discover who I am and the greater purpose of my journey. This growing desire led me to become a voracious reader over the years to fuel that ever-growing hunger to better know myself. This passion for reading, accompanied by many personal growth courses and immersion in meditation, has augmented my spiritual education and development significantly over the years.

My studies in spirituality and the humanities have constantly reinforced the connections we have with each other, and I have realized that this expanded outlook on life, along with a more developed sense of self-respect, are vital in our evolution as mature, aware and loving human beings.

Over many decades I have learned that the more aware I become as a sensitive, caring and perceptive person, the happier I become — and the surer my footing becomes on the path that I am meant to travel. For many years now I have grown to be cognizant of the apparent, ever-increasing speed of time and the shortening of the road before me. This perception has added an ever-increasing feeling of responsibility to my awareness, and it is a great motivator to keep me “on the path” as I perceive it to be — most assuredly constructed from the best choices that I can make, complemented by the current level of development that I have achieved.

I carry with me at all times an appreciation for each person on the planet, for I am always aware that each one I meet could as easily have been “me” in another lifetime or circumstance. As such, there is a significant perception of responsibility understood for each new acquaintance. When we reach the end of our journey, the last thing we want to confront are all of the times that we could have made better choices. With a little bit of kindness, patience and awareness for ourselves, we should be able to better achieve these important goals.

As we age, many of us come to realize just how quickly the time in our lives passes, yet so many of us treat these short moments of awareness as just a passing thought and let them slip by, seldom if ever giving them a second thought. Part of growing into a loving, sensitive human being is always carrying with us a level of awareness and responsibility that allows us to make necessary course corrections that are always available to us to accomplish positive growth and increasing levels of sensitivity and understanding. Developing a strong level of self-control and a desire for constant growth — and a hunger to always be the best we can be — will help us grow into that expression of Love that we intended to be before we came down here.

All of these things generate a level of excitement as I realize that I am beginning to bring many of these talents into my daily life. I always keep my wife Ruth first in my daily plans, not only because she means so much to me, but because it enhances that harmony we still have after 20 years of marriage.

We still behave like teenagers in love, and it is so much fun! Everything we do or plan involves making each other first on the list of priorities, and that has created a life of loving, caring respect for one another.

Like so much of what we focus on during our journey through life — that one special person, or perhaps the folks you work with or the people you meet during the day — what we hold before our mind’s eye is what eventually creates our reality before us.

Developing and nurturing this approach to everyone we encounter in our life will surely aid in creating the expression of the love we are meant to be.

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Ralph Hooper
Ralph Hooper, 70, is a retired electronics field engineer. He and his lovely wife, Ruth, are from Gogama, Ontario, Canada, but now live full-time in a 37-foot RV and travel North America enjoying their retirement. They are forever meeting amazing people and living a life that surely reflects the outward loving people they have become. Contact Ralph at [email protected].


  1. Thanks for sharing this with me Ralph. It is very loving and respectful!! And congratulations on having it published too!


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