Channeling Cherubim: How to be Unconditionally Loving in Relationships


Adrienne: Dear Cherubim, thank you for being with me today. How can I be unconditionally loving in my relationships, especially the one with my main squeeze, my spouse? Since birthing two children, our relationship dynamics have shifted. I am trying my best and he is too. I sometimes feel like I am taking him for granted instead of being openhearted and giving him the genuine appreciation that he deserves.
Cherubim: Well child, thank you for asking. First of all, you must remember how to connect with the heart space, the space that can beam and resonate out to others in a positive, constructive way. Connect this to the womb/yoni space, the portal space. When you connect the heart to the portal space, you can tap into the universal essence of unconditional love that will continue to up level the frequency of your planet.

Adrienne: When you say connect the heart to the womb/yoni, how? What do you mean?
Cherubim: Make sure your heart space is turned on and connected before attempting physical intimacy through yoni portal space. Your portal space is the seat of creation from unmanifest to manifest, but you must first connect to the frequency of heart to be unconditionally loving towards your spouse and to make any dream an earthly reality.

Adrienne: I find I am really wanting to stay sovereign in my yoni space because I am sensing how important this is as a woman on the planet now. I haven’t wanted to engage in sex recently. How can I make sure both of our needs are met?
Cherubim: Don’t be predestined. Be present in each moment, reconnecting to heart space again and again. Tap into the high frequencies that it provides you. We recommend revealing to yourself the contradictions you usually carry out in your interactions and then reversing them. Recalibrate from heart space, and then you can give what you can give genuinely, be it physical intimacy or kind words, from a place of fullness.

Adrienne: Sometimes I have a lot of anger and am impatient at the state of the world, especially in regards to patriarchy. Even though my spouse is a really good man, I often get caught up in associating him with the imbalanced systems we are working to dismantle and reimagine. How can I use my anger in a constructive way?
Cherubim: Transcend your egoic need to be right, to have all the answers. You can simply be kind, be present. And you can do your work. Talk to me. Be courageous and get the work out in the world that you know will shift the patriarchy towards the Creatriarchy you speak of.

Adrienne: Yes, the Creatriarchy. A societal system rooted in womb portal energy of Mama Earth and the natural abundance that results. To deliberately cease tuning into the shame matrix and upgrade into space of heart focus. I heard from the Pleadians last month about how important it is to energize heart space. I also heard from Carolyn Elliot, the editor of WITCH magazine, to switch the flow of energy of the upper chakras from up-and-out-of-the-body to down-and-towards-the-heart and the energy of the lower chakras from down-towards-the-earth to up-through-the-heart to energize the heart space. I have found that at least five minutes of meditation helps with this.
Cherubim: Yes, child. This is it. To live intentionally from the heart space. You can connect to the green, pink rose colors through what you wear or simply imagine the colors surrounding you. Hold a rose quartz. Diffuse some rose oil. Or better yet, give a rose to your loved one. Give a hug. Do a body scan meditation. Take three seconds to tune into your heart space before speaking with your loved one. This will do a lot of good for you.

Adrienne: Okay, thank you. Any last words you would like to leave us with?
Cherubim: Be kind and gentle with yourself first. It is impossible to be kind to loved ones if not kind to self first. This is the most important thing child.

Adrienne: Yes. Be kind. Thank you for being with us. Deep gratitude.


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