Complaint and Criticism


Are you a constant critic? Find yourself complaining about the weather, the state of the world, the behavior of whomever? You’re making yourself sick.

Your complaints and criticism affect the whole because we are One, connected in a quantum field. Whatsoever you express into that field contributes to the quality of energy contained in it.

To that end, I suggest that you beware of your speaking, because by criticizing what you don’t like “out there” you are contributing to the energy field generated by it and are actually part of the problem you dislike.

The most effective way to change what we don’t like is by creating more of the (quality of) energy we do like. This requires the discipline of focus on the higher, while still being aware of, but essentially ignoring the lower.

In my handbook, The Evolution Revolution/The First Peaceful Revolution in the World, I provide three exercises in awareness, regarding thought, speaking and behavior. In describing the effect of speaking and behavior, I explain that whatever you direct toward another, for good or ill, first passes through you before it reaches the other. And I suggest you are doing yourself harm with your anger, antagonism, etc. As so eloquently expressed by Proust: “Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

An example I often use to clarify the quality of energy expressed by different frequencies is the very obvious difference between a lullaby and heavy metal music. A lullaby may be equated to an expression of loving, kindness or caring, while heavy metal may be likened to aggression, antagonism, violence. So, just imagine now the effect of those disparate qualities on the energy field in your body. The one would be soothing, even healing, while the other would cause disturbance, distress, perhaps even destruction.

Now complaint and criticism, while not obviously violent, is nevertheless destructive in the same way that water continually moving over stone is destructive: the constant pressure of the water wears away the stone. Complaint and criticism are low vibration frequencies, and their continual usage has a low-grade deleterious effect on the very cells of the body. Do you have any strange symptoms of dis-ease in your body? Things that can’t be explained medically? Perhaps it would behoove you to be aware of your speaking, and the quality of the energy that is expressing through your mouth.

At this point, if you still need a good reason to refrain from the kind of speaking that contributes to the status quo of society, reflect on this: the quality of energy you are expressing is affecting the very cells of your body — you could be making yourself sick with your own words.

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Sahara Devi
Saharadevi is the author of The Evolution Revolution/The First Peaceful Revolution In The World, (currently available as an eBook) and the rap: The Evolution Revolution, found on her YouTube channel at


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