Damanhur Mystery School: a Laboratory for the Future of Humankind

I planned to visit northern Italy in the summer of 2017 and googled “spiritual places in northern Italy.” I learned about a spiritual community called Damanhur (“City of Light” in Egyptian). I had never heard of it, but I was immediately drawn to the website, especially to the pictures of an amazing underground spiritual complex known as the Temples of Humankind (considered by some the 8th Wonder of the World) that was built there.

The Damanhur community, described as a “laboratory for the future of humankind,” is compared to the ancient city of Atlantis, and it is functioning as a spiritual research center and a community of 1,000 people.

I booked a 3-day visit of Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind. The Temples are spectacular! They are created as a book of knowledge dedicated to universal spirituality. The art within the Temples (murals, stained glass, sculptures and mosaics) aims to awaken the sense of the sacred. The art carries the influence of Egyptian, ancient Greek, and Celtic cultures, among many others, and it represents a gallery of deities from cultures of all times and continents.

More than 500 feet of corridors connect the seven Halls on five levels: Hall of Water, Blue Hall, Hall of Earth, Hall of Metals, Hall of Mirrors, Hall of Spheres, and the Labyrinth. The Temples reach 100 feet under the ground.

The temples have an amazing story! The founder of the community, Oberto Airaudi, was a young man who from early childhood started displaying healing and psychic abilities, and he had memories of past lives in which he lived among magnificent temples. He had a vision of building a temple in an energetically special place. He found the place not too far from Turin, in the foothills of the Alps, where he discovered four synchronic (ley) lines running and crossing deep inside the mountain.

He started digging into the side of the mountain with a group of friends. They continued digging, taking shifts, in secret, due to lack of a permit by the authorities, from 1978 until 1993, when the authorities were tipped about the temples and arrived with helicopters and military troups prepared to blow up the temples.

After the prosecutor took a tour of the temples, he came out teary eyed and said: “We need to do something to save the temples!” Four years and 100,000 signatures in support later, the government declared the temples a national heritage site!

As part of my visit, I attended a class in Spiritual Physics at the Damanhur Mystery School. The teacher talked about the divinities, the structure of the human soul, the laws of the universe, reincarnation, time travel and much more! It was the first time I heard most of the things he talked about, but somehow I felt all it was true!

When I returned from the trip, I found and ordered the book Spiritual Physics, and read it in a few days like a fascinating novel! Most of it made sense immediately, but then I had more questions that I wanted to get answers to! I discovered and started taking classes offered by the Damanhur Mystery School in Colorado. The classes have three levels, and each level goes more in-depth in the subject. Some of the classes offered are in Spiritual Physics, Inner Harmonization, Astral Travel, History of Atlantis and Ancient Civilizations, and Past Lives.

The classes have been amazing, by far more rewarding than if I had just read books by myself! One of the things the Damanhur Mystery School emphasizes is the importance of having a community, or at least a group of people who share common interests and ask each other questions and search together for answers, to grow and develop spiritually. That is why I decided to find like minded people in my community, and bring the Damanhur Mystery School classes to Minnesota.

The first Damanhur class will be Astral Travel level 1, on March 30 and 31 in Minneapolis.

To find out more about the Damanhur Mystery School classes in Minnesota, contact Vessela Kouneva at damanhurminnesota@gmail.com.



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