Spiritual Energy Blessing

With our hearts filled with gratitude, we give thanks to Divine Source Spirit and all the Benevolent Beings as they bestow upon us all of their blessings as we move forward in this time of transition and transformation.

The road we have taken of Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness may not always have been easy, because we have gone so deep within to find and embody our True-Self and express our Inner Knowing, that nothing could hide. We thank you Divine Source Spirit and all the Benevolent Beings for extending your loving support during the most difficult of times. Even though perhaps we could not fully experience and embrace it, your love has lifted us and brought us forward to where we are now.

As we continue on our journey of evolution, we know that we are divinely guided because we are connected to our Higher Self and our True Self, for they are One. Everything we require at every given moment is within us now. We do not turn away from any darkness and pretend it does not exist. No, we face it straight away because we know we are Self-Aware and Self-Empowered.

We have done the “work” it takes to acknowledge ourselves, trust ourselves and our inner knowing and walk-in Courage, Strength and Glory. As we embody our Original Essence and shine our True Light upon the Earth, may we be an example to others who are just beginning their journey and assist them in stepping into the Power of their True Selves.

We thank you Divine Source Spirit and all the Benevolent Beings for making these Blessings a reality for all of us and physically actualizing them right here and right now.

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Tristan S. Boardway is a gifted intuitive reader, healer, and teacher, and works with people around the world. He enjoys sharing his multidimensional travels with his family and everyone who is interested in expanding their consciousness. Tristan is currently taking classes at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. He also enjoys filming and editing. When Tristan was 16 years old, he made a short documentary entitled "One Message." Tristan and Janiece have co-authored the book, "The Light We Share" sharing Tristan's experiences before incarnating on Earth in this lifetime. Tristan was mentioned in two books on Spiritually Gifted Children and is a contributing author of a chapter entitled "The Gift of Awareness" in Be The Star You Are book. Janiece L. Boardway initially received her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and Marriage, Family & Child Counseling. After the birth of her son, Tristan in 1993 who came into this life fully Alive, Awake and Aware, she has shifted her focus to a more spiritual realm. Together with her husband, Michael, they learned to navigate their way with very little information in a World that didn't quite understand the uniqueness of these New Children nor their part in our evolutionary process. By listening to their inner knowing, Michael and Janiece have allowed Tristan to take them on an incredible journey. This family works together as spiritual energy healers, intuitive readers and teachers assisting children, teens, adults and their families all over the world. Together, this family has written the book, "Our Family's Journey: The Nurturance and Empowerment of a Spiritually Gifted and Aware Star Child with Crystalline Energy and his Parents." Please visit this family at their website www.saturn3lightflyers.com.


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