Why Is It So Difficult to Love One’s Neighbor?


Spirit Uranus talks to a Spiritual Growth Group through a Trance Medium

“Why is it so difficult to love one’s neighbor?” I asked.

Uranus remained silent for a moment and said: “Please take a pencil and paper and write the following phrases: “Love in me,” “Love to me” and “Love from me.” Look at these sentences very intensely and write underneath what your mind is producing without thinking about what your pencil is writing in any way. When you are ready, I would like to hear your experience.

I took a pencil, wrote the first phrase “Love in me” and started looking at it intensely. To my astonishment, things I love started streaming on the paper: my love for my home, parents and friends, animals and nature. I even felt love for helping, serving and giving joy. In the end my love was encompassing the entire life and gratitude, joy, grace and downright sanctity were filling me.

After “Love to me,” I only wrote that love to me means joy and gratitude for everything I’ve received in my life.

“Love from me” meant gratitude and wanting to pass on all the good I’ve received: joy, happiness, blessing and strength.

“What an astonishing experience!” I splurged when I was ready. “It started out with tangible things I feel love for: home and parents, etc. Gradually it expanded to encompass service and my entire life, finally culminating through gratitude and grace to a climax of embracing the universe.

“A natural continuation to it was that ‘Love from me’ meant passing on all that joy, strength and blessing. The most amazing thing was, however, that after that ecstatic experience, I didn’t feel the need to receive love! And how, as a human being, one finds it utterly important to be loved by someone! But no, that experience was all I needed — it had everything!

“But the most beautiful revelation was that the love streaming from me is infinite: I can love everything and everyone without limits and limitations! It is amazing how many qualities there can be hidden in people. If only one could remain in a state like this!”

Uranus listened quietly and I can almost swear that I saw a little smile on the lips of the medium.

“I am very happy for your honesty, for it is love in itself that you have granted yourself in this moment,” Uranus said. “Love has awakened in you very strongly, and it makes me very happy. You have given from yourself to yourself and, thus, you have given love for others, as well, the love that has lived in you in this moment. Love, in itself, is streaming around you, joining love, and in this way multiplying and serving in everything and everywhere, being in use in everything and everywhere.

“You can only know what love is in you, to you, from you. You can never know what love is in someone else, to someone else, from someone else. You can only find it out by listening to that person and learning to know him. One can only be aware of what love is in me, to me, from me, and in this way learn to find this form of energy within himself. Then one can find honesty for oneself and acceptance of reality, as well as balance and harmony in relation to oneself. And that, for its part, reflects everywhere in everything, because what is in you is reflected in the environment.

“If you want, you can, even on a daily basis, keep serving yourself through and with the help of this exercise. Do this exercise by writing ‘Love in me,’ ‘Love to me’ and ‘Love from me.’ Do exactly the same as you did today: write the title, look at it intensely and write down what your mind will produce. Finally, read what you have written and summarize it. Every time, if you do it like this, you will go deeper layer by layer. In this way each time will inspire you and activate your mind and it will always generate and create something new on the level of mind and attitude. Then you will go deeper all the time, at the same time expanding on the level of mind, attitudes and thoughts.”


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