A Pleiadian Message: Awakening of the Dove

Beloved ones, we greet you. Since New Year there has been a pure form birthed on the planet. A completely new framework was created and activated, and this form has enfolded Earth with its essence, and interwoven itself within the multidimensional layers of the planet.

This framework has been forged at this juncture to support you in being able to transform and accelerate your awakening by shifting your awareness to stabilize you within an alignment to your multidimensional sacred aspect Higher Self.

The design of this process is to enable you to begin to live from a different perspective of understanding and clarity within your day-to-day lives and to see, sense, witness and or have a “knowingness” of Truth that has always existed beyond the illusion of the 3rd dimensional drama. Each one of you has the potential to fully engage with your unique God light aspect now and consciously utilize this higher aspect of Self. These openings originated from the Corridor of Light anchoring on Earth.

Conscious path
Those of you on a conscious path, who are actively engaging within your heart, are able to propel yourselves forward to merge with a higher level of your awakened state within your unique God light. This process is an aspect of the New Dawning Prophecy that was set in place for your planet and humanity for this time. You have come here to have this direct experience of living on Earth in a conscious state of awakening.

The purity of the collective God consciousness essence is currently utilizing the Corridor of Light to build a further expansive form of this framework. This is to support you individually in your quest to fully experience the multidimensional aspect of you. This pure consciousness framework is being extended into the magnetic core of your planet, flowing outwards to the multidimensional energetic atmosphere, surrounding Earth. We liken this flow to an energetic womb that is supporting you in a transmutation process of birth within your physical cells. Simultaneously there is a rapid, electrical shift throughout your energetic body. You are being held within this space while you move through this powerful transitional birth.

The quality of this energy transmitted from the framework is about to enter another phase. By the middle of April these transmissions will contain a higher resonance frequency of God light. These vibrations will be transmitted directly into the magnetic core of the planet, shifting the magnetic rotation. This energetic light will continue to steadily build, creating a series of crescendo light waves. This will create a continuous movement of light, designed to shift you deeper within the sacred aspect of your God light, expanding you further and further into a higher state of consciousness. This flow is designed to act as an energetic network moving across the planet. It brings communion to those of you who are actively engaging within your hearts, bringing you access into a series of multidimensional doorways to a higher perspective of Truth and love.

Awakening of the Dove
This process is a first step, a preparation, of the next process to launch you into what we call the full “Awakening of the Dove” energy. The Dove energy is set to fully activate on our planet on April 27. This is part of the completion prophecy within the Mayan calendar. There is a call being put out to all of you to open and receive these new frequencies of light that are pulsing from this expanded framework in readiness for this full shift of consciousness.

These energies, called “frequencies of love,” have been released at this time on your planet to prepare you for being in direct alignment with the Awakening of the Dove energy. This energy of the Dove is the return of a higher essence of love consciousness for your planet. This is what we refer to as an “unconditional love”state. This energy has been designed specifically for those of you who are on a conscious path of awakening, because you are ready to realign to this higher form of love.

This higher frequency of love is for you to receive and engage with now, and it is to be re-accessed through your multidimensional heart. This is you being returned to a natural aspect of the Higher Self. An aspect of your mission is for you to access and begin to transmit this love outwards from your heart to humanity. As a race, you need this frequency of pure love within your environment of Earth. Simply, this is the right timing for this essence to be an active gift within your lives.

Power of love
Know that this love frequency can shift the balance within the planet. The essence of the love can be sourced through the hearts of people, whether they are aware of it or not. The power of love can transform and heal. Love is the one true healer that always reigns supreme in every moment. No one thing is greater than love.

There is much for you to celebrate at this juncture. This celebration is about you and your unique sacred place that you have upon Earth. Those of you who are actively engaged with the frequency of Truth in your lives will begin to witness a profound shift of light birth within this multidimensional framework on Earth. This frequency will reveal and anchor you further within your place.

As an individual, you are supporting these preparations to become manifest. Each one of you holds the platform of this framework within your heart’s multidimensional unique signature frequency. An essential aspect of your unique signature frequency of God light essence is love. The process of your love has always been an active ingredient within you, whether you are aware of this or not. The “wheel is turning” to re-activate this force of unconditional love within your heart. You have always been an aspect of the multidimensional wheel that turns within the Universe, and now your spoke within the wheel is going to become lit!

Your vast potential
Take this time to bring your awareness through your heart and then open your consciousness outwards. Let go as you breathe into a higher, more open space of your heart. This opening is there, waiting, like a doorway, and it awaits your conscious reconnection to this realm of your light. Be within your heart and let go. By letting go with the conscious breath, you reach outwards and inwards in the same moment. You can move towards the sacred elements of home that exist within your heart.

This is the time to utilize your vast multidimensional potential, which has always coexisted with your human self. Your heart is naturally linked into the framework — you only need to consciously choose to align within your heart and then consciously open your awareness within the framework. The energies have been set in place for you to expand an energetic connection within the vastness of the collective God consciousness that makes up elements of this framework.

We will witness you as you choose to take this next step. We always continue to play our role, for this is our mission: to anchor stability within the sacred space that exists for you to realign. This space is limitless, held by the power of God, within the full collective communion of light, that has always existed throughout this entire resident Universe.

Monumental change
This step brings monumental change within you. This is self-empowerment, because you set in motion the fulfillment of your own self-realization process for this lifetime. That is for you to continue to have the human experience and simultaneously to consciously awaken to your Higher Self.

Part of your own self-fulfilling prophecy is to change the way you relate to your human part so that your relationship can deepen within yourself. The aim is to be able to hold yourself with love, patience and compassion within your human imperfection. Shift from an action of self-judgment, which creates an internal separation, and move into a place of self-acceptance for all your seeming mistakes and idiosyncrasies. Self-acceptance is the full expression of self-love.

When you end separation, you end the internal suffering of the human ego. When you end the internal separation, the enlightenment process can accelerate.

Through realignment to Truth, by gaining the reconnection to your Higher Self love, you open up to and allow the possibility for self-acceptance of your imperfections that exist within your human aspect. You have the direct experience of being “perfectly imperfect” and you can celebrate yourself as a human being. This is the aspect of your mission within your human experience that you have come here to play out.

Witness the illusion
The drama on your Earth plane is going to continue to accelerate on many levels. The important thing for you to begin to accomplish right now is to simply witness the illusion of fear that is perpetuated by the ego mind. During this process the essential piece you need to remember is that the illusion is strong and the Truth is even stronger.

You can only align to Truth by building a pathway to your heart. Each moment you spend within your heart is accumulative to your stabilization within the vastness of clarity and Truth. Be focused on your goal of a heart connection, step by step, one moment at a time, knowing that within each moment all will be revealed to you for the next moment. All the magic is within your heart in the moment. This is not a time of knowing anything or even understanding what is coming. The ego mind is obsessed in its need to understand and to know.

This is a time for revelations to be discovered within the very moment that you are actually experiencing something. Allow your awareness to adjust to this changing forum, of not trying to work out what is coming and just being with what is right in front of you. When you are present in the moment, everything can shift around you because you are aligned to the moment. You are aligned to the magic that exists in each moment.

When you try to figure out what is going to happen, or what you need to do to find a solution, you separate and disengage from being present in the moment. You move with the ego mind and move away from the magic within your heart.

Deeper towards truth
Keep breathing and letting go within your heart and allow your self to be guided by your heart. Move deeper and deeper within this vast space. The letting go with the breath aligns you deeper towards Truth.

Simply be the witness to the drama while you are connected to your heart. However, do not react to the illusion of the drama. Stay in your heart. Build your bridge into your heart. Develop this connection one moment at a time. Build your bridge to Truth.

Align to your God light within your heart, breathe and be. With each conscious breath, you claim your sacred heritage, and you forge the pathway to the vast sacred space, which contains the love of your being.

We give you the gift of a sacred sound frequency that will support you to build your heart connection within each moment — AENTAH AEN (pronounced AY EN TAH AY EN) — which will accelerate your connection to your heart. Use this sound only when you can are fully committed to the moment within your heart.

Remember to live one moment at a time. Give yourself moments of living within your heart to fortify your spirit and to remember and align to Truth. Blessings, The Pleiadians.


  1. Thank you very much. I did not see the frequency link you mentioned at the end. If you have any frequencies please send them to me. Namaste

  2. Wonderful to read this. Over the years I have come across words that have resonated with my being and I just wrote them down – surrender, allow, Arcturus, septarian, alamiriah, and many more. Not knowing why. Mmmmmm. Every dog has its day – peace and blessings,

  3. Lovely. As we simply witness the drama and stay in our hearts – do we still act? For example, to stop 5G?
    Also – what does AENTAH AEN mean?
    Thank you.

  4. Is “AE” (AY) pronounced with a long A as in “say” or with a long I as in “aye, aye, sir!”? Thank you.


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