Affirm: ‘I am Safe to Feel’


A Monthly Affirmation

Intelligence is not in the mind, but rather, in the heart. In fact, emotions move with incredible self-direction when allowed.

Let’s start with this question: “Why did this happen?” — which we all ask, both consciously and unconsciously, about a million times a day. This basic query is answered by filtering our experience through a series of thoughts that can collectively be called a, “belief.” Our beliefs are the means through which we assign all meaning to our experiences. Our beliefs create our identity, or, the person whom we are referring to when we say, “I,” or “me.” The term “ego” often is used to explain this identity.

When we begin to deepen our senses, we realize that this “I” is just a small part of the larger being that we are. In order for the identity, or the “I,” to stay intact, it must continually reinforce itself. Think of it as a structure that is undergoing constant threat and must repair itself to stay standing. The main goal of a belief is to reinforce the identity and it will do so until it is questioned.

The moment that we recognize a belief is the moment of questioning and a great moment of power. We are empowered because we can then make a choice, and the ability to choose in each moment is our ultimate power as creative human beings.

How would your life change if the beliefs that kept your identity intact started to fall? What if we stopped affirming beliefs like, “This is who I am and who I will always be,” “I do not deserve it,” “I am only able to experience this much and no more” or “I am guilty, bad and broken?”

When our beliefs come into our awareness, we have the opportunity to change them by replacing them with a new affirmation of health, well-being, worthiness, trust and love — which are our true identity. The practice of changing our beliefs is as natural as reinforcing them, and all that it takes to do so is the conscious intention to recognize and question what we believe to be true about ourselves, others and our world as a whole. When we enter into this practice with the willingness to let it all fall to love, love will guide and reorganize not only our own lives but our entire world.

When we are doing this work, we are really looking at relationships: the relationship between self and other, between inner experience and the outer world, and between the pieces of our world that create larger systems. This work creates a healthy relationship with self that simultaneously expands to create healthy relationships between self and everything that self interacts with.

We’re talking about an exponential chain reaction in which one self-loving thought turns into an action and then invites another self-limiting belief, be it our own or that of another, to shift as well. Imagine that no matter where you are you treat everyone with absolute empathy, non-judgment and love while still maintaining your own healthy boundaries. What would you need to behave that way in any environment? You might say, “mental health,” or “to feel safe,” or “to have a good sense of intuition or inner-direction.” All of these are necessary.

To behave in a way that is both knowing and loving, we must feel safe. We must cultivate a sense of safety that comes from inside of us and can be carried with us into any environment and situation that we encounter. From this sense of inner safety comes a strong intuition or inner direction, which tells us where our boundaries need to be. We also find mental health when we follow the same roots back to the core part of us that exists as pure potential.

How, then, can we cultivate this feeling of safety so that our lives can naturally reorganize to balance and create more balance in our world as a whole? We can allow our emotions to move freely within us. We can let our thoughts do what they will and know that we are not them, for we are the one who thinks, who watches, who observes and who has the power to choose to give a thought energy or to let it pass.

Our emotions will always tell us which thoughts and beliefs are life-affirming and which are life-draining. If it feels like love, joy, magic, expansion and freedom, then it is worth keeping and nourishing. Thoughts that feel like this reflect our more expanded or true identity, and they will cultivate the sense of safety that allows us to live, feel and express ourselves authentically. If a thought feels like fear, anxiety, tightness or defensiveness, then it is worth questioning.

Remember, this is the process through which we find our true strength in vulnerability. To allow this process to happen, we must create the support that we need to supplement our feeling of safety as we make room for the safety that is innately a part of our guidance system.

Use the affirmation, “I am safe to feel,” whenever you notice a thought or feeling arise in you. Remember, you can always move from your mind into your body to find a safe space when powerful thoughts and emotions come up. Look back at the monthly affirmations that I’ve written from December 2018 through now to find specific tools and support that will help you do this.

We don’t have to move, sort out or organize our thoughts and emotions because they move on their own. As your emotions regain their freedom, they will show you their intelligence and self-direction and they will effortlessly reorganize every system of your being, including your beliefs, to balance. This is healing. This is how we cure the sickness, sadness, loneliness and hurt of our world. Through this process we find true meaning and power.

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Mama Rose
Mama Rose is an Artist, Psychic & Mother of three exploring the intersection of motherhood, sexuality, spirituality and nature through sonic creation. Her vocal focused, self-produced music and fingerpicking style guitar and ukulele combine as tangible proof that sound is medicine. Known for her vulnerable storytelling, rich lows and tender highs, poetic lyricism and emotionally evocative performance, Mama Rose is a reminder of what it feels like to live in the flowstate and return to personal power. Her words bring the mystical and magical back into focus and restore resonance between mind & body, individual & community, you & the spirit of Mother Earth. In addition to her music Mama Rose is a published author of Holistic and Healing literature, speaks publicly on her healing journey and mysticism, offers one-to-one healing sessions and creates video content to support her listeners in their own journey of coming home to Self and Spirit. Her first project, ‘drink More water’, released in February of 2021 housed the single ‘Sweet Waters’ which quickly became a favorite of 89.3 The Current and was featured as the Song of The Day. In the same year she released her debut Folk-Jazz album, ‘Set the Clock Down’ as well as a series of singles and collaborations sharing a rich landscape of heart-channeled words and vocal freedom. Listen, BOOK and learn more at



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