Come with Me through the Essence of Nature

이룬 봉 from Pixabay

“From tears, tears of joy or tears of sorrow…we all have the tears. And as our teardrops fall, we remember how raindrops fall across the window pane or on our face…they flow, they flow to puddles, and puddles move to streams, streams connect to oceans…and oceans produce ripples. Ripples are the beginning of waves and waves move through air….

“Air dances with leaves and leaves are one with branches. Branches extend down to roots, and roots embrace soil. The depth of soil sinks to center…just like the depth of our soul does. The center is where we find ourselves finally, completely, as we embrace all things in our center of being — just being…where we are raw…where we are real…it is natural, it is our nature…and it is here that we realize that we are nature itself.”

The Gifts of Nature
Nature is a source of comfort. I visit with nature each day. It is a place where I can just be. I step into a thicket of moss and find myself real and raw. Such wonderful gifts await me here. It’s here that I can take time to still my mind, so that I can hear my spirit speak to me.

At first, I hear all the chatter. I let it happen because I know that it needs some time to settle down. I give my mind permission to sort “things” out. Oh, it’s this and then it’s that and it just goes on and on and on. I understand, that is what the mind does; it thinks about everything!

Something divine happens when we allow this — the mind becomes freer. Free like the wind that moves from here to there unbound. When my mind can be free like the wind, it eases its constraints, it softens, and it settles down. It starts to connect to the moments, the present — the environment. This allows me to unfold and expand and it brings more space into my mind. My body and all my senses begin to feel a sense of freedom as I recognize the beauty in front of me: the beauty all around me. I love the wilderness, the wild, the raw of nature. When my sensory perceptions are activated, the littlest thing in nature has such a profound effect on my state of being. I melt into my senses as nature melts into me.

As I spend time in nature, my mind gaining more peace, I find myself relaxing into the natural order of things. When I allow this, I notice my emotions beginning to surface. Emotions such as joy, gratitude, love and serenity, and this is when my journey into nature deepens — knowing that my mind, body and emotions are receiving a multitude of gifts. And if I remain still in this place long enough, I begin to feel my spirit unfold.

What that feels like is an extraordinary sense of comfort bubbling up inside of me. I feel a tingling and an energy moving through me. It comes from my center and moves from there through my whole body. I feel a warmth, like a soft, knitted blanket I’ve had for years, a blanket my grandmother made for me as it covers me gently. I can feel my heart filling up and overflowing with love. These feelings from my spirit excite all my senses in a way that makes me feel completely connected, secure and united in perfect harmony with all that is, and I interact with it like a sacred dance.

When I allow time for this kind of experience, I feel as though Spirit is nourishing me with soul food and it leaves a taste on my lips of divine essence. It’s more powerful than anything that one could have or hold materially. Here lies within the gifts of nature. Perhaps I should make more time such as this.

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