Decoding Power vs. Force

The last couple of years has provided an opportunity for me to reflect on the difference between power and force. Through these reflections, I’ve realized how important it is to be able to detect the influence of power versus the implementation of force. As this wave of awakening hits our planet, I believe it is a skill we all need to cultivate.
Power and force are not synonymous, and my recent experiences have taught me this. For some time now my work and character have been persistently slandered by two to three individuals. Using standard “fake-news” and paparazzi tactics, they have manipulated my words, taken incidents out of context, attacked my family, and any organization, vendor, or individual that associates with me. 
Sadly, I am not alone. Many colleagues and well-known players in the consciousness arena have experienced similar situations and, like me, found that the legal protections lag the escalation and evolving nature of cyber-bullying and cyber-hate crimes. Today, there is so much misinformation and deception pushed onto us. The time is upon us where we must hone our inner guidance and ability to detect truth. In doing so, we can activate personal power. 
So what is power, and how is it different from force?

Power is a reflection of the degree of openness to Pure Source and all that is true or based in reality. In other words, all that is pure, unfiltered, free from distortion, ego or mental programming of any kind. It is rooted in Pure Source — the unconditionally loving, infinitely accepting space of ultimate neutrality. Power is efficient, bringing maximum results using minimal effort. It can be associated with the flow state. It is a space where all things are possible and creativity is limitless. It is life-ward focused, strengthening the physicality when opened to.

Force is a reflection of the degree to which one is closed off from Pure Source. It is filtered by a false reality that is laced to one degree or another by distortion, ego and mental programming. In a sense, these filters are the kink in the hose to Pure Source. The more distortions there are, the more you are limiting your flow from Pure Source, and the more false your reality. Force is rooted in and driven by fear. Results through force are unsustainable and require significant effort to achieve — working hard, pushing through, and swimming upstream. It is a space with limited possibilities and little creativity. It is draining of life force and leads to weakening of physicality when dominant. 
There is no need for us to succumb to force. When we are able to ignite the power within us we unleash a multitude of abilities and limitless possibilities. We come into a space of higher consciousness where the frequency and vibration of our world can elevate. But it is our responsibility to tap into our own power to attain a life of significance and we must carefully avoid pathways where force can be used for personal gain.
After nearly a decade of assisting individuals with personal development and spiritual work, I’ve seen a pattern emerge. Those who have the greatest commitment to change, growth and personal evolution are those who have a deep desire, and increasingly accurate ability, to see and know truth — no matter what. Despite the depths of their initial programming placed on them by families, cultural rule-sets, religions and institutions, these individuals are dedicated to finding truth. In doing so, they align with their higher self where distortions and false realities melt away. 

Their desire to do what is needed to reach a state of higher consciousness gives them the power and determination to face their fears and the courage to move through the heaviness of humanity. When they achieve a centered state of balance, wisdom and assuredness, they access a connection to Pure Source so strong that no amount of force, fear or manipulation can fool them or shake their foundation of awakening.
The purity wave of enlightenment that is moving through our planet is magnifying everything that is or ever will be. There has never been a more significant moment in time to learn to differentiate what is true from what is not. At the core, we are Pure Source itself. As such, one might say that recognizing what is true is as simple as noticing whether it resonates with the core of your being.

I am not discouraged by the state of the world or by the extensive web of lies, deceit and use of force that we face each day. “Why?” you may ask.  Because I know that for those of us on this path to awakening, we have the power to transform if we are able to reveal the truth of our own grandness and look within to find the well of solutions and magnificence waiting for us. I encourage you to reflect on your desires. Ask yourself if you seek to know truth, to really understand it and be able to detect it. Then, as the world offers up a myriad of realities to you each day, approach each with the question, “Is this true?” Let the answer come. It always will.



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