Five Non-Dual Teachers to Support Your Awakening

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For those who feel drawn to any kind of spiritual awakening, the path isn’t always clear and we all need a good teacher at times. While ultimately the most profound lessons are those that connect us with our own innate truth, a teacher can play a critical role in helping us open up to our own deeper wisdom.

I’m very thankful for many of the beautiful teachers emerging in the non-dual realm, who are bringing a desperately needed new language to support those on the awakening journey.

If you’re not familiar with the term “non-dual,” it refers to the movement away from either-or, black-white, us-them thinking towards a state of consciousness that can hold space for all of what life is. Non-dual teachers are beginning to have more broad appeal across spiritual communities and religions, as they go beyond dogma, speaking instead about state of consciousness as a way to experience life spiritually. Meditation is a central part of these teachings.

If you find yourself in a place of seeking guidance or support for your own spiritual awakening or journey, I’d like to point you to the following five non-dual teachers. Each of them offers something truly unique and beautiful, inviting a deepening into awareness. Take some time to explore each, and see what resonates.

Jeannie Zandi
Colorado-based teacher Jeannie Zandi is a respected teacher who has great appeal with spiritual seekers of all kinds. Jeannie’s heart-opening teachings help people drop out of the mind, to discover their truth via “the felt sense.” As she explains: “As a society today we’re not as in tune with the nature of our physical bodies and the Earth as we were in past times and this loss has led to a disconnect from our innate spiritual wholeness.” If you’re feeling drawn to a deeper connection with your own physical body and with the planet, Jeannie’s teachings will speak to you. She has quite a few upcoming retreats, along with online programs, that also are profound — all to be discovered at

Father Richard Rohr
While yes, he is a Franciscan priest, Fr. Richard Rohr does not preach dogma in his spiritual teaching, focusing instead on contemplative practices, direct experience, and meditation as a pathway to divine union. As founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Fr. Richard’s teaching is grounded in practices of contemplation and self-emptying, expressing itself in radical compassion, particularly for the socially marginalized. He draws from the ancient Christian Mystics, and is known for breathing a unifying life into his teachings. What’s very compelling is his embrace of non-dual teaching within what in modern times has been a pretty dualistic religion. Rohr explains that at its ancient origins, Christianity was non-dual to begin with. For any who come from the Christian faith and are looking for non-dual teachings that feel aligned, I’d recommend this beautiful teacher. You can search YouTube to find some great talks [ ] or check out one of his many bestselling books. Visit

Amoda Maa
Author and spiritual teacher Amoda Maa has a distinct voice in the spiritual world, speaking to the growing number of people who are actively seeking an awakening experience, and ready to evolve beyond being controlled by the ego. Amoda brings a feminine spirit and brilliant mind to the satsangs and retreats she offers. If you’re someone who desires to be fully awake AND fully human, the language she uses in her teachings will resonate with you. She explains that enlightenment can begin as an intellectual realization, but until it becomes fully embodied in every aspect of life, it’s not really fulfilling its divine purpose. As she explains, “When awakeness recognizes itself in your life, there won’t be an aspect that is excluded from that.” This includes the mundane — which some teachers leave out of the equation entirely. Discover Amoda Maa’s upcoming events and retreats and learn more about her at

Susanne Marie
Susanne Marie’s teachings are a powerful reminder that our very own life, wherever we are right now, can be a doorway to the divine. As she explains: “Suffering is caused by believing that we are separate from life, and that we exist as separate selves.” Her teachings help people allow a “falling away” of what isn’t true, and a moving into their own pre-existing state of awakened consciousness. In the tradition of Adyashanti, she offers deep and powerful support to those who are seeking to “let go” of everything false and move into their divine truth. Susanne has several events coming up in Seattle and in Copenhagen. Explore to learn more about her non-dual teachings.

Patricia and Bill Clum, Evolution of the Heart
Patricia and Bill are known for using their compassion and keen intuition to help people locate in themselves the points that need opening, to help people connect with their own deepest calling. Part of this couple’s work is focused on holding the space for the release of pain and suffering. They offer small group retreats and tend to work with those who already feel a strong call to awakening. You can see what they have coming up by signing up for the newsletter (on their homepage) and by visiting to learn more.

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