Love, River, Life

Ilkka Koivula from Pixabay

This story is told to me in meditation by my brother, Jayson Thaxton, who cherished the river. I dedicate my life to remembering and sharing his wisdom.

The river is loud, gushing, swirling, raging, calm, serene, quiet, turbulent and gentle. As I stand along the bank, I see all these things happening at once. This reminds me of life.

Life is much like a river. Much of life is fast moving, unknown and serene. Some parts of life, like the river, are so beautiful, peaceful and perfect. Some places in life, like the river, seem to flow just fine, then there is trouble.

Sometimes you can see trouble coming, like rapids in the river. Other times you are in life, flowing along, and come to a huge disaster, something you never imagined — a trauma, a death, divorce, job loss, unimaginable pain — and you start drowning in the river, drowning in life. Then you emerge and submerge, emerge and submerge, as a force, a current, pulls you up and pushes you down again. The current, the rocks, the rapids and the undertow rock you to the core.

Then, somehow, through the worst rapids of your river, your life, you see serene ahead. You see clarity where the water is calm and you can see the bottom of the river and you can get to shore and get out of the fast flow of life, the river, and find a spot to sit on the shore and ponder and wonder why life, the river, has to flow so fast. You think of what you could have and should have done to be more effective in the fast flow.

Then you realize how far you have come with strength and made it through the rough parts and almost-drowning parts with courage. You sit on the bank and catch your breath and join the entire Spirit world that is in this realm. They have left the river, the fast flow, the human experience.

They have stepped out of the river, out of life, and now watch from the banks, the heavens, and wait for the rest of us to step out of the flow. They are always walking along the shore, sending us strength and courage as we go through rapids or go through the calm. They sit with us when we take time out on the shore. They eagerly wait for us as we go through the river, our life. They can see what is ahead and we cannot. They try to warn us of dangerous currents, but the river is so loud we cannot hear.

When we step out and find a place each day to stop and paddle our way to shore, we might have more clarity, more knowledge, on how to handle the river’s currents. Stepping out is actually going within, where all souls live in harmony with nature. When you have soul connection, you have soul healing, nature healing, and words of the Universe and all souls. You have guides, angels and loved ones right there with you always, waiting for you and offering you insight.

Why wouldn’t you want to just leave the river? Because there is work to be done, currents to fix, people to love, experiences to help you have more courage. You have things to master, love to give and share. Take time out of the river, your busy life, every day to feel a deep connection to yourself, your soul, your guides, your loved ones, nature and the Universe. Then go back to life, the river, with peace, calm, and clarity knowing every rapid, deep hole, current, can be accomplished with your strength and courage.

Even what you cannot see, coming at you head on, can be dealt with. You are the one who calls the shots and allows for it all to happen. You have powers, a mind and body. Keep healthy so you can do your best in the river. The river can be dangerous. All that you need to do in the river is go through with pure love.

Love is all that exists — in and out of the river. Love as hard as you can. Love your mind, your body, your soul, your river, your shoreline. Spend time on the bank to connect. Cherish every moment and every living thing, for everyone and everything has a divine purpose.

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