My Soul Takes Flight In Nature

Thomas B. from Pixabay

When I head out to nature, it is to replenish my mind with fresh ideas and leave the stresses of the world behind. When I get into nature, the bountiful beauty set before me lifts my vibration to higher levels to connect with the inner me, my soul, to set it free to take flight.

While no words need to be said, I find myself reciting His words as I walk along the shores as if in union with His sermon. I am filled with a newfound delight: I see the sparkle of His face in the waves, and my path unfolds before me as the air currents dance around me. His handiwork is everywhere. I am filled with humble admiration in awe of nature’s ease of synergy.

An eagle soars overhead with wings spread in full flight, silent, yet with breathtaking strength as it glides along the air currents with ease of flight. The geese are cackling at the lake in full conversation as the tide makes way to uncover their meal as it lies upon the wet sand dunes. As I round the bend, a blue heron takes flight and rests upon a branch in nearby trees to keep me in sight. I apologize for intruding upon its shore and convey it well wishes, for I come in peace to share in His love.

Upon my walk, I have let go of the world. These moments are for me to recharge my soul in a way that can only be done by nature. It’s a time to let my brain unwind and send my thoughts downstream. No pressures of the world, just me and Him as my hands scoop up His healing and fill my heart with love. I am relaxed, I am renewed, I am me. I am uplifted in a state of peace.

Nature has rejuvenated me. My mind has been restored, my heart is full of love, my soul is revitalized to go forth and share His love. Happy are those who walk in nature with Him by their side. One step in front of the other until I return again to nature’s beauty, His masterpiece in living color to set my soul on fire to learn and share His love.



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