Nature’s Hidden Kingdom

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There is an interdimensional world filled with many incredibly diverse denizens. They are called nature spirits or elementals or fairies. In addition to the fourth and fifth dimensions, they inhabit our Earth. They are protectors and caretakers of our planet, which they maintain and sustain down to a single blade of grass and up to the atmosphere to the tiniest molecules of air.

Although I have communicated and worked with fairies for decades, it was not until Autumn 2018, that I was very humbled and enchanted to make their acquaintance in the living flesh. I did not go seeking fairies — instead they came to me, and in my most private and intimate space, my bedroom.

Propped up by a pillow upright against the headboard, I sat relaxing on my bed. Little did I know I had a front-row seat to a most extraordinary, one of a kind, live dance performance! Just beyond my bed and overhead, a group of winged fairies burst out of nowhere and were dancing in mid-air around and around in circles. In a dizzying communal ecstasy, they leapt higher and higher with large but elegant butterfly-style wings that seemed to add lift to their upward climb.

They exuded such joy, lost in themselves and each other in a celebratory play and lightness that seemed transcendent. And they did not really need their wings. Their lightness of being could suffice to take them higher and higher along with the grace and power of their bodies. Both ballerinas and gymnasts, I thought.

As suddenly as they arrived, this collective gyre of whirling fairies vanished into the thin air. And I was left to wonder and muse about why they had come to me. But hold that thought! For I want to tell you first about the Fairy Queen who appeared to me not too long after the Dancing Fairies.

I call her “Queen” for I don’t know her name and want a way to identify her. I hope she does not mind. For whether or not she is a Queen — and I think she is — she showed up larger than life in my bedroom at twilight.

So much magic, it seems, happens in my bedroom and at twilight, a liminal space and a liminal time where the veil is thinner to allow the invisible or greater reality in.

But back to the Queen.

She possessed a remarkable body and was no “Tinker Bell.”I watched as she catapulted herself from the top of a bookshelf that she used as a springboard. I was awestruck by her otherworldly but beautiful, smooth, pure white body that looked like alabaster. I noticed the unusually sturdy strength of her long leaping legs that were buoyed up by her large butterfly-like wings to greater heights. As she rose upward to the ceiling she finally vanished from view– on her way back to fairyland, I mused.

I still marvel at how airborne she could at times hover in place like a hummingbird while alternately leaping with her legs. Except for her eerily pure white flesh, which had a smooth, almost rubbery texture that made me wonder what it would feel like to touch it, and her ethereal translucent wings, and her 7-8 inch body length, the Fairy Queen looked human in every respect.

So, why did these winged fairies reach out and make themselves known and visible to me? Because they know they can trust me and that I can be their passionate advocate. Since my early childhood, I have never stopped believing in and loving fairies. Fairies, I think, want to risk being known more for who they really are and the painstaking work they do to purify our air, our waters, to heal rotting trees and make flowers and plants bloom that would not otherwise, while continuing to tend to them.

I barely scratch the surface here with the feats they perform with so much love, alacrity and meticulous devotion. They know that without nature, there is no life. Quite literally. The air we breathe to stay alive is nature. If we humans lived connected to nature the way fairies do, we too could earn the right to the title ‘Nature Spirits.’ All life is nature. All life is sacred.

Though sensitive and shy, fairies are also wise and when faced with the human race and its desecration of Mother Earth, including fairy habitats that are destroyed by “development.” They are very cautious about whom they admit to their world. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have had two rare and magical visits from the winged air fairies. And now in 2019, it continues with an expanded repetoire of salamanders (fire fairies), a brownie and a pixie. More stories here — but for another time!



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