Sara Astraya launches E-Mentoring to make Finding Your Life Purpose Easy


You know those people who know exactly what they want to do with their life from a very young age? Yeah, that was so not Sara. Sara wanted to explore everything. She worked in politics for a while, then tried working in banking for a few years and later landed in human resources. While she was good at a lot of these jobs, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was still looking for something. And then one day changed her entire life.

Sara Astraya
She remembers sitting with her co-worker in the computer lab at work. She was meeting with her as they normally did when the conversation took an unexpected turn. The co-worker said, “Sara, it seems like you might be an empath.” In that moment everything shifted. Sara had never admitted to anyone in her life that she was an empath. Yet, somehow, some way, that co-worker was able to pick up on that. It surprised Sara, because she spent so much of her life trying to cover up that part of herself. She was afraid of what people would think of her. She was afraid of being called weird or being labeled an outcast. And Sara didn’t even completely understand what it was at the time.

Just like that, everything in Sara’s life started to change. She started to see everything differently, gained a greater appreciation for nature and felt inexplicably interconnected to everything. During the following months, Sara became infatuated with the study of energy healing, metaphysics and astrology. She became a Usui Reiki Master and began doing intuitive readings for friends and family and eventually the public. Quickly, it became clear to Sara that the Universe was pulling her in a different direction, one she never expected to go in. Sara went on to become a trusted Astrologer, Healer and Intuitive Mentor.

“When we first start to realize that we are experiencing a spiritual awakening, when we realize that life as we know it will never be the same, it can be overwhelming and frightening, Sara says. “You are not alone.” Sara believes that a big part of our purpose in life is learning how to help and heal each other. Sara’s experience with her co-worker has inspired her to find ways to “pay it forward.” That’s why she started the new online business, Sara Astraya.

Her e-mentoring sessions via email and Zoom video conferencing enable professionals to align with their true calling in a new way. “This revolutionary new spiritual business will help you better understand yourself and why you’re here,” Sara says.

If you are interested in an intuitive reading, distance healing or ongoing mentorship, contact Sara Astraya at 651.528.9364 and visit

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