Why Nature is Essential for our Soul 

David Mark from Pixabay

“From the Earth we come and to the Earth we shall return.”

This surely speaks clearly of who we are and whence we come as the organic creatures we are. As a combination of Spirit and animal nature, this is truly a significant portion of our essence. We have evolved from humble Earth dwellers to a more sophisticated combination of spiritually focused beings inhabiting earthly bodies ever in search of our true roots in the truest sense of the word.

As we enter into an era of increasing saturation from technological evolution, many of us appear to have lost our connection with our earthly harmony. And although the high-tech world is forever promising us more and more luxury and conveniences, it also includes an ever-increasing level of complexity and stress and disconnection from our roots. That connection with the Earth brings peace and balance and teaches us the importance of being centered in our approach to life.

Our swiftly developing cities and accelerating populations now threaten to overtake our planet and possibly exhaust our resources and our ability to maintain any kind of a healthy life for us. As an evolving species, we need now, more than ever, to rediscover our connection with nature before it becomes too late to do so.

For those of our human family who recognize their connection to nature, it is of a most significant importance to become part of an active movement as mentors in sharing and educating those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to perceive a connection with their habitat. The most important work we will ever do as Earth-dwelling spirits is to coach those who would lag behind in so many areas, having never experienced the wonders of nature.

This can be accomplished by diverse methods, such as volunteer work, education, social groups, public speaking and many other areas where we can create that all-important cognizance that is so critical to the survival of the human species. We are able to provide first-hand experiences for children of how beautiful the wilderness is and the many wonders that it holds to be discovered. When we develop a connection in children to the great outdoors, it most often stays with them for the rest of their lives and aids in creating that balance in them of the importance of being connected to the Earth.

As a young lad, my father was my main source of information with all things nature-based. I learned the names of the birds we heard on the farm, the different trees I asked about, the trips to Northern Canada in the summer and camping in a tent. He taught me to fish, tie flies, hunt rabbits without a gun and the many ways to feel comfortable in the forest. We could drink water right out of the lake when we were out in the boat fishing (mind you, this was 50 years ago before there was any pollution in the waters!) — and most of all, I learned about all of the different types of animals in the forest and how the balance of life was maintained.

This passion has remained with me for my entire life, and my strong connection with nature has made me feel more at home in a forest or beside a river than anywhere else I have ever spent any time in! When your connection to nature becomes a significant part of who you are, you will never feel alone.

Just remember this: when in the midst of chaos, you always have the opportunity to tune out the madness and access that sacred habitat that you carry safely inside you, where only peace and harmony forever resides.



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