A New Phase: Conscious Empowerment

A Pleiadian Message

Beloved ones, we greet you. There has been a strong adjustment within the magnetic core of your Earth as the energetic framework of the planet has been totally reformed by the “Awakening of the Dove” in late April. This process heralds in great change for those of you on the path. This is a predestined moment that has been set in place for eons.

You are entering a new phase on Earth of an unfolding of your conscious empowerment of your sacred aspect of Higher Self. This time heralds in a time when you consciously utilize your own multidimensional power to bring forth change within your individual lives and to simultaneously support your human element with a love and compassion.

As you begin a new way of interacting within yourself while engaging within the world of illusion, you will begin to utilize your unique frequency of a higher realm: love. This will generate a natural compassion to your human aspect. Remembering this is a natural returning by you. “You are who you have been waiting for.” There will be an outpouring of this love frequency supporting other human hearts. This is “divine economy” in action.

This unfolding will create a synergistic frequency of love to be formed collectively between all who are on this conscious path. This network of webbing will extend and build across your Earth plane, and it will build a communion between hearts. The essence of your combined love becomes an interactive connective web that opens a natural doorway of reconnection within the collective conscious state, moving between all of you and extending throughout this resident Universe.

A collective role
You each have contracted to be present on Earth at the juncture of this happening to play your part in this collective role. Your presence on Earth is essential as each one of you play a pivotal role of contributing your own unique divine signature frequency to make up this connective web.

As you enter this new phase of consciousness with your unique essence active, a collective, pure force is created through this conscious engagement through your hearts. As all of your energies flow together, you are deeply supported through the pure synergy of this creation.

Your collective energies, like never before, can naturally create a womb-like presence that surrounds and supports the full anchoring process of this transitional phase on Earth. This webbing works alongside and in conjunction with the flow created by the unified sacred sites that have formed grids across the planet to hold a steady base for the birthing of your unification.

Energetic happenings
At this time of ongoing quickening throughout this month, there will be a series of energetic happenings. These depend on your conscious engagement within your path to set in motion a further reset on your planet. The reset comes about as you, individually, build a momentum of engagement through the simple action of letting go — by taking moments of being engaged within your heart, while using the conscious breath.

This conscious action by you creates a deeper reconnection within the newly opened elements of your sacred heart. As you claim moments within your heart, you shift and you are repositioned dimensionally, aligned naturally to the higher realm of Self. Remember, your heart is a natural multidimensional tool. You are a multidimensional being.

Your heart cells have been encrypted through the pure frequency of love, which arose at the time of the “Awakening of the Dove.” This is the design to initiate your reconnections. The higher elements of God consciousness, which now freely exist for you to access, have become interwoven within you — and they have become part of Earth’s new frequency. These higher elements allow the collective consciousness that flows throughout the Universe to interact within your planet and your heart’s cells.

You have a natural and vast love potential that has been awakened on another level. A pathway has activated in order for you to realign to your higher realm home. Your heart’s flow has expanded within this path energetically for you to realign.

Through this shift within your heart and throughout the planet, there is the added complexity of a building intensity within your own 3rd-dimensional lives creating change. Nothing is going to appear to work in the same way as it has before. There is a greater disparity between Truth and the illusion of your world. You can no longer merely go along with that which is not Truth. Your heart cells yearn for only that which is authentic, for that which contains Truth and love.

So you will find a breaking down of your previous living rhythm. You are being compelled to change as everything falls away in your outer life — and an inner shedding of old thought patterns and belief systems is simultaneously taking place. A lot of your relationships and partnerships that are not based on Truth are breaking down. There appears to be an element of chaos within your world.

Know that through this change within your heart, feelings of confusion and inner conflict within the ego mind can arise. The mind will not accept or understand this process.

Love connection
Through each moment of experiencing life, you need this connection to the love. You may not be able to identify this as it is unfolding. Be aware that your entire energetic profile has been altered as your heart cells have undergone this encryption process.

This yearning within your heart is designed to lead and anchor you deeper on your path of natural realignment by accessing a higher realm of love frequency of Self. The action of your deeper reconnection is being radiated towards you. Your higher realm consciousness is able to transmit directly into your heart, illuminating your path for you, linking you back to this natural flow.

The central magnetic core of your planet is pulsing, like a constant heartbeat, infusing the higher elements of pure God consciousness essence throughout your Earth plane. This pulsing light interacts directly within your heart cells, expanding your capacity to hold a greater frequency of your own light essence from the higher realms.

Change is here through this powerful reconstruction of Earth. Your physical systems have the capacity to move through a full reconfiguration to carry all of your higher frequency light.

The letting go energy is a component of creating great transformation within your environment of day-to-day life. Through this letting go frequency that has been released within the planet, you can liberate yourself from the old burdens of fear and struggle related to that which has been held and perpetrated by the ego mind. As you make conscious realignments within your heart, you connect naturally to the letting go energy, which activates a shedding of density within the cells of your body and your energetic field. Some of this density has been held within your energy for lifetimes. There will be a release of all old concepts and old belief systems that are not of Truth.

This is your time to consciously choose to let go and move, repositioning to Truth. This shifting of your alignments will bring newness, a lightness of spirit within you, enabling you to see, sense or feel yourself from a different viewpoint so that you will move into moments of clarity and being able to actively and consciously open to receiving in your life.

Be in your heart
Begin by taking a moment to be in your heart, bringing your hand and awareness to the physical position on your chest. Use the conscious breath (breathing in and out of the mouth). Bring that breath within the space of your heart that you are holding. This is the beginning of reclaiming your heart, which is the sacred entry point that will access this higher path to you.

Simply “Be,” holding your heart, not seeking anything in particular but opening up to this doorway of Self. Do not assess what is happening or not happening with your mind. Let go of any expectations. Rather, bring in a state of curiosity to just open up the doorway of this space of your heart. Let go as you consciously choose the path, choosing the way of your heart.

There is no wrong way of opening up to this process. This is simply a conscious step to choose a pathway of reconnection to your multidimensional heart. Just five minutes a day.

Heart reconnection
You deserve, by divine right, to make your way back to this aspect of yourself. The way has been made clear and each one of you has energetic support to make this journey to completion. All that is necessary is your own heart’s desire to return.

As a multidimensional being, you have a powerful aspect of creativity, the ability to create your heart’s desire. You will discover as you make inroads of reconnection within your heart that the energy that you encounter can be harnessed to bring you that which supports you now in your life.

Take the time to nourish yourself with the light from the sun’s rays. The sun reflects the pure light of your being to you. It will enhance your heart connection as you consciously open to the brilliance of the sun. Nature is also a natural reflector of your light, aligning you deeper within your heart as you open your awareness within the magic of nature. This magic is a natural extension of you, a natural extension of your heart. The energy of the wind also supports you in a deeper union within your heart and the water element carries the essence of reflected magic of Self.

Everything of nature is holding a mirror for you to open up and experience a deeper sense of that which you are: love. You are not separate from nature. You are a natural extended aspect of this life force, which runs through these forces. You are being called and beckoned by the flow of light that is fully alive all around you right now.

The Earth holds you. Hold your heart and lie on the Earth and feel yourself being aligned to the natural rhythmic heart beat flow and let your heart open to the Universal pulse. Each time you choose to open up in this manner, you choose reconnection to Self.

We, the Pleiadians, alongside the Spiritual realms and other members of the Galactic community are holding a strong container around Earth to support a natural, ongoing process of change that you can initiate between you. We hold this until you can anchor this by your collective intentions of action. Ultimately, this will occur as you reassume your power through the transformation of your hearts.

We witness you within the light. We salute your courage as you move forward within your journey of your sacred heart. You are not alone, and you can ask for support at any moment and it will be given. Keep letting go. Witness all the drama, but do not participate. Your heart is your true reference point to stability and self-empowerment. Blessings, The Pleiadians.



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