Clearing Baggage with Light Frequencies

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We have all accumulated emotional and mental baggage throughout our lifetime. And if you feel some of this baggage is especially heavy and overwhelming, it is because you have carried some of it with you from previous incarnations.

Some of this energy you carry may not even be yours. I have met quite a few empaths over the years that absorb other people’s energy and then continue to carry it around with them for years afterwards.

You have also inherited emotional and mental energy from your parents and society.

You will, at certain points along the way, realize that you are responding to a situation just like your mom or dad. This is what I call inherited programs. As a baby and young child, you were a sponge that absorbed the energetic patterns of those around you. If they continually responded a certain way to an event, you may at some point realize you have taken on this pattern or belief. When a similar event happens in your life, your own response is the same as your parents.

In my own family, there was a pattern of giving the “silent treatment” whenever there was an argument. This example was either created or continued by my grandparents who, at a particular point in their marriage, didn’t speak to each other for more than three years! When I learned about this, I was determined to change the pattern for myself and my own family.

How can we clear and release this baggage we carry with us?

My own journey has brought me to a powerful method of accessing Light Frequencies to release the energy I carried in my emotional and mental fields and the steps are easy and effective.

The process begins with imagining a ball of white light 3 feet above your head. As soon as you consciously connect with this light, you are able to shift your awareness and your vibration, allowing you to stay above your emotional and mental bodies.

When you connect with this ball of white light, also known as your Quantum Point, you consciously connect with your Higher Self, as well as consciously gaining access to Universal energy. I began using this method 18 years ago and have been connecting and working with what is known as Quantum Colors ever since. Anyone can access these colors when connecting with their Quantum Point.

Each of these Quantum Colors holds a high vibration along with a quality. For instance, the color rose holds the quality of unconditional love, yellow the vibration of wisdom and violet, forgiveness. When you learn how to access them and bring them into your heart, they transform lower vibrating energies into higher vibrational frequencies. You can begin using this technique to clear the emotional and mental patterns that you have either created, absorbed or inherited.

The beautiful and powerful part of this technique is that once you access and bring light frequencies into your energy field, they continue to work for you for 24 hours. This meditation can be done in just three minutes, allowing you to carry on with your day while the colors do the heavy lifting.

Here are the steps when you are ready to try this technique:

1. Close your eyes and bring your awareness three feet above your head. You may feel or see a ball of white light. This is your access point to the Quantum Field.

2. From this level, ask what color (light frequency) you need to release the emotional baggage that is ready to clear. Trust whatever you see, hear or feel.

3. From your Quantum Point, bring the color down through the top of your head and into your heart.

4. Your physical and energetic heart receive the light and circulate it to your cells and your aura field, filling you with a high-vibrational energy that clears and uplifts the lower vibrations held in your emotional and mental bodies.

5. When you’re done filling yourself with light, bring your awareness back to your Quantum Point and practice moving into your day from there. This allows you to more easily see where you are going and to receive what is being sent to you from the Universe.

If you have a specific emotional or mental pattern that you are trying to clear, be specific when asking what color is needed.

We are living in the Age of Aquarius and the tools we have access to are simple, yet powerful, allowing us to transform much more easily than in the past.

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