Finding Your Freedom: Clearing Mental and Emotional Baggage

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I have been blessed to work with many clients on many issues. The biggest blocks and a common theme in preventing someone from becoming more empowered and living the life they want are negative thought patterns, which often affect how they feel about themselves. We are fortunate that old patterns are shifting into new paradigms based on compassion.

While reading this article and others within this series, my heartfelt intention for you is to do so with an open mind and with compassion. Allow yourself (even if it’s just briefly) to know you are magnificent. Trust and believe that you are capable, worthy and deserving of happiness, healthiness and compassion — and can have it! Know you have the ability to create that by shifting patterns and that you are fully supported by your inner self, higher self (soul), angelic beings and the Divine.

Let Things Go
Understand that our logical mind goes to what we have learned. We have the tendency to do the same or similar things while expecting different results. If you are looking at changing patterns, behaviors and old cycles, you need to break the old habits. Those habits are often connected to the mental and emotional baggage that we have experienced or carried from the past.

You can be aware of what your mind is doing without being imprisoned by your negative, fear-based thoughts. Connect to the inner presence of who you are and understand you are only observing those thoughts and feelings.

How do you connect to your inner presence? The simplest way is going to your heart center. Start by placing your hand over your heart and take some slow deep breaths. You want to get to that point where you can imagine the breaths coming from your heart center. If you have trouble getting there, imagine someone, something or some place you love unconditionally.

Awakening starts with being aware of the difference in the thinking state versus the clear awareness of your presence. Remember, you are not your thoughts. You are the one watching the thoughts. The thoughts are describing something, often judging something, someone or yourself. You — in true essence — are a spiritual being (with a human body). Choose which ones you want to connect with and embrace. Allow yourself to choose the positive ones.

Shifting Vibrations
Everything has a vibrational frequency. Negative thoughts and feelings have a lower frequency. Also, judgments and perceptions are like pre-set frequencies we store in our bodies. Positive thoughts and feelings associated with joy and compassion have a higher frequency.

Ultimately, when focused more on the higher frequency, we vibrate at a higher level. I liken it to someone who can stand on top of a tall building and see so much more than the person who is standing on the sidewalk below. Vibrating at a higher frequency expands your awareness and it allows you to have more choices.

Understand that when we rush making decisions, it lessens our capacity for a favorable outcome and discernments regarding choices. It cancels the flow of the experience. It is often our mind that wants to rush ahead. Our heart center/inner self wants balance, rhythm and flow. It will guide us there.

Forgiveness (releasing) can heal so many wounds. While it may be difficult to process some hurts, it allows you to free yourself from that lower vibrational energy. It is not about condoning behavior that was hurtful, rather it is letting go of that energy to make room for more positive things. It is vital in removing the mental and emotional baggage.

Compassionate Living
Put the intention that you will look at yourself, others and situations with compassion. Bring yourself to that place within (heart center, state of divine wisdom and love). When you feel you are being judgmental or negative, shift to the compassionate state of being. Your perspective on the person or situation will shift dramatically. It does not mean subjecting yourself to unhealthy situations or people. It also includes compassion towards yourself, honoring the guidance given and establishing healthy boundaries.

Next Steps
There are so many methods and modalities that are available to you when you open your awareness and allow them. Some that I have worked with my clients and found to be effective include: spiritual readings; hypnosis; meditation; journaling; soul journeys or past life regression; wellness or holistic classes and reading various material to expand your awareness; energy healings; coaching (personal, professional and spiritual development); and sound therapy.

Ask for guidance (and tell yourself that you are open and allow that guidance) and it will come to you. My final advice: be kind and compassionate to yourself through this healing and empowering process. Know you will succeed!

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Jenny Canfield
Jenny Canfield is a renowned intuitive and psychic consultant, life coach, healer, hypnotist and teacher, providing guidance and healing. She is a Reiki Master, a certified life coach, a certified hypnotherapist, and specializes in several healing techniques. Coaching consultation, healing sessions, and hypnosis are customized to the individual. Jenny also conducts past life regression, life between lives, and soul journey hypno-channeling. She is a part of TriLuminous in Vadnais Heights. It was established to unite like-minded practitioners that foster mind, body, and spiritual wellness and enlightenment. Contact Jenny at 651.503.3705, email [email protected] and visit


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