Freeing Ourselves

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The mental and emotional baggage that we carry around with us can be used as opportunities to free ourselves and blossom into the beautiful souls that we all are. Everything that happens in our lives had to occur in order for us to come to that place in consciousness where we are no longer deceived into believing what some may call the lies and illusions that keep us imprisoned from recognizing our true selves.

The baggage, such as holding onto the loss of a loved one, is an emotional trauma, and it is hard for any of us to determine “what is an appropriate length of time” to grieve. Other emotions that we hold onto can stem from a divorce, severance of a friendship, loss of a beloved pet, or loss of a precious piece of jewelry. All of these and more can all become mental and emotional baggage when they become disruptive in the successful daily operation of our lives.

However, we often hold onto baggage that is really nothing more or less than our bruised egos. We want to prove to ourselves, as well as others, that the other person was wrong and we were right. So we allow ourselves to be imprisoned for months and even years for comments, actions and perspectives that no longer serve us. And we still carry that emotional and mental baggage around regardless of its weight upon our limited livingness.

When we find ourselves harping on the same topic and constantly defending ourselves for the reason that we are still thinking, talking and feeling the same way about a person, situation or circumstance, it is an opportunity to stop, look and question ourselves as to why are we “stuck” even though time has moved on.

When I moved into my first apartment in Puerto Rico, I had a most extended and spectacular view of the ocean. Later, a new building was constructed nearby and it ultimately obstructed about three-fourths of my wonderful view. I love looking at the ocean. So I actually experienced some level of depression, frustration and annoyance at the building owners! I actually experienced a physiological reaction to this situation. And I heard myself complaining about it to anyone who would listen!

For me, that was a clue to stop, look and observe what I was doing to myself. Negative thoughts and feelings are our way of gradually, yet steadily, administering a small portion of poison into our minds and body temples, which eventually leads to physical, mental or emotional death.

I knew that I had to work on myself because what occurred was simply a shift in an ever-changing world. When we hold onto “the way it used to be,” and when others fail to meet our expectations or even when our own efforts seem have sabotaged us, we are setting ourselves up for disillusionment, joylessness and a lack of health and wealth. To unload these burdensome mental and emotional baggages, we have to recognize that we are carrying this load around. We have to be willing to just let go. It may take time and effort, but persist we must if we want to live the kinds of lives that each of us deserves.

Practice living in the present moment and accepting that “it is what it is.” The Serenity Prayer is a wonderful tool that can be helpful. What can I change in my life? What steps do I need to take to accomplish this desired change? These are questions we can focus on. Accept that there are some things in life that we cannot change. As long as we are constantly desiring and practicing a more productive consciousness, ultimately there will be an internal change and our outer world has no other choice but to reflect a spiritual reality: as within, so without.

So let’s determine right now if we are being unforgiving of ourselves, others, circumstances and situations. If there is even the slightest doubt, be willing to let go and “let God.”

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Portia Jones
Portia Jones was ordained as a Unity minister in 1991. She furthered her studies of Religious Science and became a Licensed Practitioner and led a Religious Science group in Manhattan. Later, she let go of her spiritual teaching responsibilities and became a full-time school teacher for the next 20 years. She is now retired and resides in Puerto Rico, where she continues to write spiritual articles, give classes and workshops and is a monthly guest speaker at the English-speaking Unity Church in Santurce. Contact Portia at [email protected] or call 787.242.2487.


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