Liberating Your True Self From Limiting Beliefs

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Until the age of 7, children spend most of their time in the alpha/theta brainwave cycles, which is the state people are in during hypnosis or meditation. This means children’s subconscious minds are easily programmable. Thus, if we experience hurtful situations early in life, varying degrees of unworthy programs can take root, or beliefs of “not good enough.” These beliefs unconsciously repeat as we make choices later in our adult life.

As souls, we challenge ourselves to awaken out of these false beliefs.

One of the most valuable and important things you can do as a person and a soul is to become aware of, release and heal your mental and emotional baggage. When you heal limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs, your ego body/mind system becomes a clearer vessel for the brilliance of your soul self to shine through. That itself raises the consciousness of the planet. As you awaken to your true self, you no longer are governed by the subconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back.

When you incarnated here, you did something quite brave that some souls would never feel comfortable doing. You voluntarily forgot that you were a divine being of love and incarnated into a dense dimension where nearly everyone forgot the same thing. Thus, the trauma of separation began from the interconnecting love of your soul home, and you started the habit of searching for love and validation outside of you, forgetting that you are a source of it.

According to Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., a stem cell biologist and author of The Biology of Belief, “95 percent of our lives are lived based on our subconscious beliefs.” He goes on to say that the mind finds a way to turn our subconscious beliefs into reality. For instance, if you believe you are unworthy of love, you will unconsciously show up in life in a way that reflects that, and then you tend to attract people, situations and events into your life that reflect that belief. From a spiritual standpoint, this is the law of attraction, based on the physics of vibration frequency. It is designed for us to work out and heal the limiting beliefs that are not true for us from the vantage point of our souls.

Science now knows that trauma and the subtle energies of negative beliefs are stored in the body. Thus, the most effective means of releasing baggage are body-centered approaches. I use a method called The Emotional Healing technique, which releases the stuck energy of thoughts/feelings/beliefs/fears from the body and subconscious mind that are based in the past. It is done while you are fully anchored in the security, wisdom and clarity of your higher soul self. 

Some other effective healing methods include Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and a powerful new technique called Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy (QNRT), which recently facilitated some significant healing and changes in my life. QNRT is a science-based technique that releases trauma and limiting subconscious beliefs from the body and nervous system, even those you had forgotten about and didn’t realize were negatively affecting you. QNRT combines muscle kinesiology and a cold laser to locate and heal traumas that are stored in the body and brain. Neither the practitioner nor the client choose the issue to work on. Rather, the body’s wisdom presents the stored mental/emotional block that’s ready to be released.

Although I thought I had already cleared and healed most of my past issues, QNRT revealed some hidden pockets of particularly shaming moments that I had internalized, about getting spanked as a young boy. My adult mind did not think these past events had impacted me, but after I released the shame surrounding several of these embarrassing events, among others, I began receiving comments from my wife and family that I was noticeably more loving, attentive and heart-centered. I could even feel it myself. As I reflect on this, it makes sense because shame can be defined as the “fear of being unlovable.” If part of me felt unlovable, the shame — which I didn’t even realize was there — unconsciously blocked my ability to fully express love to others. Another benefit of this therapy was that I was able to speak in front of groups with more confidence, passion and ease, coming from my heart and less from my head. In fact, my wife Maggie saw such changes in me, and also in herself from her own QNRT sessions, that it inspired her to become certified as a QNRT practitioner.

As the consciousness level increases on the planet, as well within ourselves, it raises to the surface our own negative, limiting beliefs to be liberated from our body/mind system – that which is incongruent with our soul self. Fortunately, many effective healing modalities are coming to light along with the consciousness expansion. As we heal, we allow the love and compassion of our true selves to shine through.


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Eric J. Christopher
Eric J. Christopher has a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and is a certified hypnotherapist. His life passion has been to spiritually awaken and help clients do the same by guiding them to connect to their inner wisdom and higher self that can uncover and heal the roots of limiting fears and beliefs. He specializes in past-life regression therapy, life-between-lives therapy, and also present-life deep emotional healing of the body and subconscious mind. He has a private practice in St. Paul. To learn more, visit


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