Trees & the Voices of Nature

We have always had the desire to spend time in nature, especially since we live in the mountains. We can glance out the windows of our home and see trees, trees, and more trees. The trees on our property have always been very lively. Every spring for many years, I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by their conversations that were filled with excitement when the birds began building their nests. It seemed that every living thing was beaming with the joy and freshness of new beginnings.

I have noticed that the trees have been quieter in the last few years and no longer wake me up from my sleep with their cheerful conversations. Although I do continue to wake up early, I have to work more diligently to “hear” the trees. What happened that they are not as lively, carefree and communicative?

By taking the time to go within and do the work, I sensed their message was that of concern and urgency. They shared that they were thirsty since over that last several years, the trees and all of nature no longer received the water from the rain and snow falls that were so abundant in our winters during our early years living on the mountain. Rarely do we experience the summer thunderstorms that brought a refreshing drink to Earth and all its inhabitants. Even though this winter we have received a bounty of rain and snowfall and the trees and plants are very happy to receive this water, their messages continue with a sense of unease. There is something more going on, but what is it?

The trees reminded me that for the first time last summer, my family and I noticed that there are portions on the leaves of the trees and plants that look burned. Is this being caused by the chemicals that are sprayed in the skies? The trees are also feeling a frequency that is not in alignment with them. Could this be due to the emissions of EMFs from the cell towers and other Wi-Fi? The messages we are receiving from our trees is that they require our help. They would like for us to remember our connection to them, spend time with them, ask them what they require to help them and to listen to their messages.

It is imperative to understand that the trees are interconnected, and one tree can perceive the energies of the other trees around it. The trees can sense the joy and also the pain. They are very unselfish and care deeply for each other. They do have their distinct personalities, as well, as you will read in connection with the photos below.

As we take the time from our busy schedules to connect with the trees, we will also become aware of the nature spirits and the nature fairies that are tending them. Many times it is these spirits and fairies that come into our awareness first, bringing our attention to the tree they are co-existing with or tending. I have found that nature spirits express themselves to me through my various ways of perceiving and then share their messages of how I can be a contribution to the tree they are inhabiting. Fairies do the same, and they show me the best plan of action.

Perhaps it is through visualization — or energetically working in unity with the trees, their nature spirits and fairies — that I can be a contribution. Other times a tree would like me to place some rocks around it or even move a rock or rocks to a new location. Sometimes the rock would enjoy moving to a new area although I did not hear it, so the tree steps in to get my attention. From those experiences I have learned how they work together to create an energy of harmony.

Tree Energy
As you can see from the picture at the top of this article showing Tristan standing on the dirt between the two trees with his hands touching the trunks, he has learned how to work with the tree energy. When you have two trees so close together, they are inviting us into their energy of strength, steadiness and assist us with our connection to Earth. Sometimes Tristan takes his drum, Tibetan Bowl or tuning forks into the forest or our garden to share the healing sounds with the trees, rocks and all of nature. Other times, it is the silence that is required. As Michael says, “the void is as important as the solid.”

If you have children, take them with you as you explore nature. Spend time sitting next to a tree, rock, plant or flowers when you feel a connection or your child does. Feel into the energy fields of the trees, plant, flowers, rocks and all of nature. Quietly lie down on the ground and stare up at the trees. Can you see their energy fields filling the sky? When you come upon flowers, look at them and place your hands above them. Do you see and feel their energy?

Remember, everything is energy, because everything is a series of energy fields that build upon each other, and it is when they come together that they take solid form. For example, when you are thinking of a person, you connect with their energy by resonating with their frequency, and this enables you to “feel into their energy.” It works the same with all of nature and animals!

Inner Knowing
We have heard many people say they cannot “hear” the trees or see the nature spirits and elementals, and that is fine because we all experience things the way we experience things. For some, seeing is believing and for others, believing is seeing. Some people just have an inner knowing or a feeling. Many hear the messages and others have an understanding. Sometimes it comes down to acknowledging ourselves and our inner knowing before we can recognize our gifts and abilities.

Of course in our modern world, from a very early age, people are taught only to inhabit their left brains, which incidentally limits their perception. These people may find it difficult to perceive anything beyond the three-dimensional world. If you have some challenges seeing or perceiving anything while you are outside in nature, a helpful exercise to do is to take pictures of the trees, rocks and nature. Then when you look at the photographs later, really study them and see what you can discover that perhaps you could not experience before. You may begin to see, feel or in another way perceive other things that you were not aware of when you were there in person.

Information for us
It is vital for us to connect with nature, because it offers information that is truly beneficial for all of us — information that many people may require as the Earth changes occur. Perhaps if your area has extreme Earth changes, you will remember a tree showing you a portal through its roots that you may follow into Hollow Earth, where it is safe and calm. It may also be the ground you walk upon that has given you an energetic message that this is where a portal resides.

A few years ago, I was having many dreams about being in various places on the mountain, as well as down the hill where extreme events were occurring. In some of the dreams, many things were happening in the sky, and people were looking up, screaming and running to find safety. I heard a soft voice say, “Look down,” and I saw in the ground energy that looked wavy. I knew it was a portal and that I should go down into it. As I began to step towards the entrance, it started to open up, and there were Michael and Tristan, waiting for me. At that moment the thought came to me that I needed to get my dogs, and both girls appeared next to me. We all went into the portal and were met by Michael, Tristan, and the 5th-dimensional loving beings.

Other times, my dreams were filled with extreme Earth changes coming from the ground. Again, I saw people looking down and running as they attempted to find someplace safe. In these dreams, I always heard a very tall tree telling me to “look up.” The next thing I saw was a portal opening up and Michael, Tristan and I were transported up to the higher realms where it was nice and calm. Of course, our dogs were always with us. Other dreams showed me that the trees are pillars of strength and their branches with leaves and pine needles acting as canopies of safe-keeping.

The messages I received from these dreams showed me other important reasons to be connected with all of nature. After all, they are connected to the Earth and the sky and bring us much wisdom. Talk or communicate, in any way that works for you, with the trees, rocks, plants, and flowers about the Earth changes that may occur in your area. Also, discuss with them how to keep your family, you and your house safe and secure.

Will we all require this information? Maybe. Maybe not. But isn’t it good to know we have choices? If we are as alive, awake and aware as possible, we can take the necessary action — the action of empowerment.

The following are some messages we have received from the trees, rocks and their nature spirits and fairies that they have shared with Michael, Tristan and myself.

I apologize for sharing the above picture because what occurred is so sad, but it is a part of reality right now in the 3D realm. The more we acknowledge the suffering of our trees, the more we can help in their process of healing and shift the energy of the land for the better.

Recently, we walked in a part of the forest where we never usually go to, but for some reason, we felt it was important to visit. We discovered why when we came upon this unfortunate sight. As you can see, the one tree still standing is in shock as she looks at her friend who was cut down carelessly and with total disregard. The rest of her friend’s parts are strewn all over as you can see on the right. We have no idea why this tree was cut down, and it seems to be all-too-common an occurrence. We have not left this tree to live in shock and have worked energetically to help it heal. We are not sure at this time if she will choose to stay, though we have a feeling that she desires to be with her friend, since she continues to remain in her leaning position — leaning even more, striving to cradle and comfort her friend.

We are helping by sending healing energies to this tree, and if she chooses to leave, the healing will help her on her journey with more ease. We also send the healing energies to the tree that was cut down to assist in its healing journey.

When trees are cut down so ruthlessly, many nature spirits and fairies leave and are afraid to return. We find that some tree trunks desire the spirits and fairies to return so they can say goodbye and give them their thanks for taking care of them for so long. My family and I walk in the forest calling upon these spirits and fairies to return just for a little while so the trees can have closure. It is a very loving experience that supports the trees to be at peace.

This tree is what Michael calls a Tuning Fork Tree. As you can see, there is the main trunk with the two branches growing up into the sky. When we sit with our backs leaning against the tree, we can feel its healing vibration and hear its lovely tones.

One day last past spring, Tristan and I were walking in the forest with our two dogs, Leila and Annabelle, when we came upon this sea serpent in the log. Can you see its head, neck and tail on the log? We love this guy as he brought so much happiness to us, as well as the energy of water, since it also is known as the Water Dragon. There also is a profile of a dog nature spirit in the log. She is outlined with the pine needles all around her. These two are great friends and bring in the energy of courage, compassion and loyalty.

We call this the Messenger Tree. This spirit tree has one eye that is visible in the physical world and one eye that resides in the spirit world. Messenger trees are able to go back and forth between worlds and can communicate the messages from the beings of Spirit World to humans, as well as sharing our words with them.

We really enjoyed finding this beaver and bear tree on one of our recent walks. I heard some chattering and discovered it was coming from this beaver that is situated on the right-hand side of the trunk. This busy beaver is quite a talker and full of energy. His friend, the bear is located on the lower left-hand side of the truck. The bear nature spirit is very patient and kind as he helps his beaver friend balance his energies. Now they are both being looked after by the tree nymph, whose face can be seen just above to the right of the beaver.

Here is a tree showing its root portals. This tree is located on grids that overlap each other. They carry different energy from Earth, and when these grids cross, it creates a potential for a portal, vortex and various energetic gateways. Sometimes when a tree is located on a grid of energy, the branches and trunk will grow in a spiral shape.

Here is a manatee rock that Tristan found on our property when he was a little boy. We have known this manatee in many lives on Earth and also on the “water” plant, as Tristan calls it. This manatee followed Tristan into this life as a nature spirit in this rock and resides in our front garden. This manatee is very sweet and brings such gentleness, serenity, and love in our lives.

This last picture shows our wise fish granite stone that is located in the garden in front of our house. We say wise, because in every image we have of this guy, he always shows the beautiful energy emitting from his crown chakra. His messages of going within to gain deeper awareness and connection to our Higher Self is very much appreciated.

Thank you for allowing me and my family to take you on this tour sharing just a few of the messages we have received from nature. We invite you to connect with all of nature so you may hear their messages and sense their energy that they so lovingly and generously share with us.

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Janiece, Michael and Tristan S. Boardway
Tristan S. Boardway is a gifted intuitive reader, healer, and teacher, and works with people around the world. He enjoys sharing his multidimensional travels with his family and everyone who is interested in expanding their consciousness. Tristan is currently taking classes at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. He also enjoys filming and editing. When Tristan was 16 years old, he made a short documentary entitled "One Message." Tristan and Janiece have co-authored the book, "The Light We Share" sharing Tristan's experiences before incarnating on Earth in this lifetime. Tristan was mentioned in two books on Spiritually Gifted Children and is a contributing author of a chapter entitled "The Gift of Awareness" in Be The Star You Are book. Janiece L. Boardway initially received her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and Marriage, Family & Child Counseling. After the birth of her son, Tristan in 1993 who came into this life fully Alive, Awake and Aware, she has shifted her focus to a more spiritual realm. Together with her husband, Michael, they learned to navigate their way with very little information in a World that didn't quite understand the uniqueness of these New Children nor their part in our evolutionary process. By listening to their inner knowing, Michael and Janiece have allowed Tristan to take them on an incredible journey. This family works together as spiritual energy healers, intuitive readers and teachers assisting children, teens, adults and their families all over the world. Together, this family has written the book, "Our Family's Journey: The Nurturance and Empowerment of a Spiritually Gifted and Aware Star Child with Crystalline Energy and his Parents." Please visit this family at their website


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