Unraveling Blockages

Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Spirit Uranus talks to a spiritual growth group through a trance medium

We all have in our past life a state or situation that has remained, and one that has been very strong. It and the emotions associated with it, like pain and anxiety, have remained living inside us. A blocked state always indicates a weak point in ourselves; when blockages go away, we get in balance to the greatest extent, but it is not possible to get in balance if the blockages are not unraveled.

I would like to give the following example.

You are transmitting energy to a group member and, with the help of this energy, he is trying to unravel a blockage that has settled inside him in the course of lives, one that is the biggest hindrance to his progress. This blockage begins to unravel forcefully in that state, because he gives the energy a permission to help himself, when he has a true will and need to progress.

Then this kind of activity starts discharging from there: he starts undressing himself, jumping, shouting and gesticulating. Everyone feels this state to be in some way awkward inside, but our reason tells us that the state would not harm anyone in any way. We all would just know that something that has once been a heavy experience is going away and it needs this kind of a form to be freed and to go away. The environment is very confined and safe, and we are working to face the blockage that has remained inside us, one that has stopped our journey and prevented us from getting in balance.

I hope you realize that it is a question of a confined treatment situation. I do not want to despise things that are culture-bound, for it is very important that a culture has its own restrictions that enable an even life for everyone and which do not harm anyone. The aforementioned example may harm in some conditions and hurt the person himself, as well as the outside watchers. It is very important that one does not include things in one chunk, for awareness is the ability to discern.

I have never widened this confined space to concern everything in everywhere, for if one would act like this somewhere else, we would truly produce to ourselves merely unpleasant and unbearable experiences. That would be insanity, to use your word, instead of unraveling emotional blocks. In a treatment situation, there is always a purpose and a confined and distinct environment where everyone wants to progress with himself, and also help someone else in it.

I will never make you do anything, but you yourselves do what you feel inside. You have a completely free will in everything, for it is only about you and your will to progress. When the blockages get stronger, they are harder and harder to unravel; then it is regressing, because there is no progress. If there is an intense, internalized need, there is also power in it that helps to work. The state itself, not man, chooses the way with which it can get to freedom whether it is waving one’s finger back and forth, shouting, undressing, crying, whirling around, or anything.

We can only feel joy for the fact that unraveling these states brings freedom, lightness and well-being into our life. Unraveling blockages requires very much love and trust for the people around, for man is then bestowing on them a pure and sincere part of himself, his true self. I want you to understand that one cannot give a greater gift than what one truly is. The person who is unraveling can notice that those present are a mirror of love for him, for inside them, there is only joy and understanding for him.

When the person has recuperated from this state, he is for a short moment very open, confused and susceptible to many emotions. He has been accepted in that state with all his weaknesses, which are now leaving, and the void is filled with love and courage. He rises from this state invigorated and as a conscious person: all that remains is I AM, a balanced individual who is aware of what there is inside him. He can utilize different consciousnesses for his own benefit and not against himself; he always knows his own state and is able to use it perfectly.


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