A Pleiadian Message: Awakening the Love of the Christ Light


Beloved ones, we greet you. There is much to celebrate on your Earth plane: the successful forging of a sacred juncture created on your planet. This pure essence birthed by the “Awakening of the Dove” has interwoven itself through the magnetic core of the Earth, shifting the magnetic core and unveiling an awakening pulse of light.

This heralds in the completion of the third phase of the transition of planet Earth as part of the “New Dawning Prophecy.” At the precise moment that this total awakening took place, a cosmic trigger was fully activated, setting in motion the reseeding of the Christ race within humanity and opening a higher spectrum of spiritual and physical renewal within humankind. This created a dynamic transition within Earth.

The blessed Christ light is, for the first time in the history of Earth, able to play a unique and integral role within the planet. The Christ light is creating an active vibration of love that is destined to bring a new potential to you individually. You have been seeded by the Christ frequency, blessed through the pure state of being. You now carry this pure connection of consciousness within. It resides alive within your individual sacred heart. The entire planet has transformed by carrying this essence of resonance, which realigns Earth on another level with the rest of our resident Universe.

This happening has activated a pivotal point in your destiny. The essence of the Holy Spirit has interwoven itself through your heart, moving you a step further to align within your full potential. You have been given a gift, an aspect of your natural birthright. You have been realigned into your sacred place within the Universal consciousness. Each one of you is actively being held individually within a sacred womb created expressly for you to give birth to yourself within the higher realms. This will enable you to anchor a reconnection to your Higher Self. All has been set in place, in perfect order, for you to launch your self home.

You have been repositioned, brought into a vast multidimensional perspective, to experience your own unique divine essence. As you consciously choose to open through this doorway within this reconnection, these new alignments will allow you to begin to actively work from this multidimensional perspective, enabling you to begin to source and work with your sacred light consciously. You will find that you can begin to consciously witness yourself from a different perspective within the multidimensional realms. This will herald in you playing a new role in your own evolution within this lifetime: you birthing you!

Change and transformation
Those of you on the path are at a crossroads of great change and transformation. An active, constant rising light is opening up within you. This light is engaged, working within your heart now. This light is from the reseeding of the Christ light that has opened up through you, and it is creating, moment by moment, a higher spectrum of spiritual and physical renewal within you.

You have been gifted with a resurrection frequency within this light, which holds a natural letting go action. This letting go energy accelerates the shedding of old concepts and belief systems that are not of Truth. These old cycles are ready to simply fall away from you — stabilizing you and supporting you to anchor beyond the illusion.

Simultaneously, as you let go, you are receiving an energetic reset from the Christ light that is creating a reopening of a natural access to the Higher Realms. A doorway is being forged wide open as you consciously choose to engage directly through your heart and move to realign your consciousness with the higher consciousness aspect of Self.

Know that at this time in your evolution every action created by you in your life, small or large, is significant. Your thoughts will become a powerful creation tool in your life. You will source from new reconnections to the Universal consciousness. You are enabled to hold this creation power within your consciousness as a natural aspect of you.

Through your reset, you are empowered to create energetic forms consciously in your world. You can utilize your thought patterns to set in motion the building of forms in your world to support your heart’s desire. These patterns are light in motion. This is the essential time to develop a conscious thought pattern to support you in your life by activating your heart’s desire.

Conscious desire
As you engage within your heart, you need to open into what you desire consciously. You need to explore and feel the specific details of your desire, and as you open up to all layers of the different elements connected to your full desire, you begin to witness the building of a complete picture. A framework within your heart that holds the full frequency of this desire energetically is being forged naturally.

As you engage in this process of building your heart’s desire, you will find that an energy will begin to birth within your heart, like a quickening, a vibration moving through you. You will witness, see, sense or feel the building of your creation as a series of energetic light patterns begin to birth. This is you, in the action of creating, as you bring your awareness and your conscious breath to build your heart’s desire.

Watch the action of the weaving that takes place as you build on just one desire. This process can be likened to painting as you fill in the details of your creation, adding one layer of color, and then another layer of color, as each stroke fills in and creates the full picture. Witness yourself in this conscious action of creation as you allow the full expression of your heart’s desire to open and flow. Feel the joy. Feel what is being generated within you as the fullness of your heart’s desire is realized. The creation of the energetic lines reflects and expands as you envisage your desire fully. The arising joy plays an essential aspect in birthing the creation energy.

This is your gift. You are now able to utilize this new frequency of light sourced from your heart to create and birth new patterns of creation for yourself. This is your gift to yourself. Every individual has this ability, and you can only create your individual heart’s desire within your heart.

As you claim your power and open into the conscious action of creating, you move yourself into another step of the self-realization process of your enlightenment. You set in motion this conscious choice action of creating. This is your self-empowerment!

Complete role
The spiritual realms are playing a more complete role on Earth at this juncture, and this is due to the higher vibrational components that exist within your planet and the vast change within your own physical body. You can utilize them and call them forward to support you as you develop your creation energy. They can assist you in stabilizing your energy as you build your heart’s desire. This anchoring will allow you to be able to engage more fully within the energy of your creation as it builds in form.

An essential aspect of creation is your willingness to fully engage within the building energy of your heart’s desire. Allow yourself to move your awareness within the energy of your creation as you build the details and open up the picture fully of what you desire. As the energy begins to grow and your awareness flows within the desire, you become fully aligned to your creation. As this desire evolves, you sense a feeling of joy or an excitement within. As you open your awareness deeper and engage with that feeling, you become more fully engaged emotionally into that which is building within you. This allows you to be actively a part of this essence of your creation.

As you actively engage this creation process within your heart, you set in motion within you the access to your pure sacred force of communion. You begin to deepen your realignment to the pulse of the Universal consciousness, where you have always been linked and have always resided. With each pulse you are linked further within your home space and aligned to the sacred communion of your God light of your Higher Self.

Now is your time to move and reposition yourself, to realign to your place within the Universal God consciousness. All is in readiness within you. Everything has been energetically aligned within your heart for you to be empowered into your natural state of God light.

Blessed are you as we hold you and witness you as you enter this crossroads of transformation. Know that as you reclaim your self in this way, you align to your natural heritage of the Earth. Only you, as an inhabitant of the Earth, can resurrect your planet. We can support you in your awakening, however only you can participate in the role of fully and actively re-entering the Universal consciousness.

You carry the sacred code of reactivation within your heart. Each of you holds individual and unique aspects of these codes. Collectively, these codes fit perfectly together, like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Your destiny now is for you to come together. Collectively, you are to forge the transformation and transmutation on Earth.

Love each other and appreciate the connections through your God consciousness states that exist between you. Let go of the separating elements created by the ego mind. Bond through your heart and allow the love to flow and grow within you. Link into the vast limitless love that you carry within and allow the love to flow and flourish through you.
Remember, “You are who you have been waiting for!” You are vast! You are love!

Process to align within your heart
for creation of your heart’s desire:

1. Place the palms of your hands on your full chest area. This is your heart space. Bring your awareness where you feel your palms meet your chest, and take a conscious breath (in and out of the mouth) into that space and let go.

2. Feel, sense or see the space open and allow your awareness to flow within the opening. As you take another conscious breath and let go, you naturally align deeper within the space. Consciously choose to open and anchor within this space of your heart with your awareness.

3. Bring in the sacred sound that interacts and opens you into this new space of your sacred heart. This sound will align you with the Christed energy within the cells. Say, ESTAHN AENNN (pronounced estarn ay enn).

4. Build your unique aspect of this sound within the space. Open your awareness within the light that begins to be revealed within the space of your heart. You use the conscious breath to let go and align deeper within the space.

5. Continue to utilize the sound until the space is fully illuminated and open. Remember, you will see, sense, feel or just have a knowingness of this space opening as it fills with light.

6. When it is fully open, begin to bring your heart’s desire within the space. Witness this birthing of your heart’s desire grow and birth energetically within the space of your heart.

7. Allow your full awareness to engage with this birthing energy, open to the feeling of joy and excitement that is growing. Your fulfillment is opening within the space. Continue to let go and become one with the entire energy, which is birthing within this multidimensional space of your heart.

8. You can even use the sound, ESTAHN AENNN, within the creation energy of your heart’s desire. Doing this brings your unique frequency within the creation energy.

9. When you feel complete, the birthing of your heart’s desire is complete.

Let go of all the old concepts from your ego mind as to how this creation can come to pass within your world. All is in hand. You can let go and trust the outcome. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


  1. I had a very profound experience 10 years ago after I was baptised.
    Without going into everything the main thing was I received the words
    These were so clearly for me but I didn’t understand and lots of things started to happen to me I was very scared and the Church was telling me they were demonic.
    I ran away from it all as it frightened me so much but it never left me.
    A lot has happened too much to write.
    I have had another shift within me that is explaining what happened.
    Though as a Christian I am concerned that I am not entering into something bad.
    I could never have sent this before but I have a sense to do so.
    I can not let go of Jesus.
    Perhaps someone could help me understand.
    Thank you


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