Connecting with the Stars: Insight from the Star Gathering Speakers


Cosmologist Carl Sagan once said, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.” Indeed, we are. But the connections do not end there.

The six keynote speakers at the 2019 Star Gathering June 22-23 in Mankato will remind us that our souls have deep connections with star systems, near and far.

The Star Gathering will take place June 22-23 at the Hope Interfaith Center, 114 Pohl Road, Mankato, MN. The cost is $122 for one day or $222 for the entire weekend. Spots are limited, and participants are encouraged to register early by calling the Hope Interfaith Center at 507.351.1374, or email [email protected]. Learn more at

This year’s gathering features six reputable speakers: Rev. Janice “Hope” Gorman of the Hope Interfaith Center, master of ceremonies; Rev. Kari Chapman on the Akashic Records; Joy Elaine on Non-Duality and the Fairies; Bryan McClellan on Energy Work for Self and Gaia; Caroline Oceana Ryan on Abundance; and Lori Spanga on Animal Communication and Ascension.

Here are brief insights by each of them on our connections with the stars:

Rev. Janice “Hope” Gorman
We are all star people, we are all made of stardust, but some of us hold the energy of systems from very far away.

While traveling to Egypt with my mentor and 10 others, including Gary & Isiah Beckman (of The Edge), we had an opportunity to be in the King’s Chamber in the ancient Great Pyramid of Giza. Ancient Egyptian culture revered the stars in the sky and believed they we were the birthplace of the Gods.

Our group was asked to go to Egypt to walk through a portal to remember — and eventually reveal to ourselves and others — that we were a group of star beings who reincarnated from other star systems to help open planetary eyes. In fact, that is where I was given the name “Hope.” Even though we have human traits, we also came bearing information and possessing traits of star-like qualities.

There are many different star systems in the universe, but the most common and talked about by confessed star beings include Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and Orion. I became aware that I am from Pleiades, and yet had many lifetimes on Arcturus, using sacred geometry. Arcturus is the most advanced star system in our Galaxy. Edgar Cayce stated that the Arcturians are highly advanced in technology and spirituality. The Arcturians know how to move through time and space using sacred geometry. We also are the ones who are responsible for the crop circles.

Right now, I am encircled with my family from Pleiades. The common traits we have are being very sensitive and empathetic, having a youthful energy, being natural peacekeepers, meditators and teachers, and having light features and blue-green eyes. Arcturus’ common traits are feeling drawn to lead or guide others, having intense eyes and being highly intuitive. We also have gifts of telepathic and alchemy.

My experience of more than 20 years ago has brought me home to my roots. And with my traits, I developed the Hope Interfaith Center from the ground up. I’ve been bold enough to use my voice, brave enough to listen to my heart, and gutsy enough to go for it. We invite all to come to awaken to their star being roots and use their star quality traits to help open planetary eyes!

Rev. Kari Chapman
I consciously walked-in on Feb. 13  1982, and this is my first time to incarnate on Earth. I came in with very few, if any, veils and I remember. I never lost that connection with my soul and God/ Creator. It was extremely difficult in the beginning, being in a human body with all the emotions and  limitations that can come with it. Truly, the one thing that kept me sane was remembering who I am. 

I  co-existed with the born-in soul for several years, learning all I could and how to be a human. On Nov. 11, 1995, Archangel Michael appeared to me, literally, and told me it was time for me to help escort the born-in soul home, and for me to come in completely and to get started on my soul contract. I needed to go out in the world and learn how to be human.

I felt very alone in the beginning , until one day when I watched a TV  program called  “The Other Side” featuring Liz Nelson, who was starting a walk-in group in Minnesota. I felt overwhelmed with joy that I would be with others of like mind and soul. I would no longer be alone. This group was the best thing that happened for many of us. It was there where I met Hope, Gary Beckman and Tim Miejan.

As my soul and spirit requested, I would go to many places around the world to help bring energy into the planet and heal Mother Earth. I soon realized it had a lot to do with me. There are locations around the planet where our souls left energy for us, and when we show up consciously and are emotionally mature, we can receive that energy and knowledge. This helped me greatly to further understand who I was and my assignment while on Earth. I have a very strong knowingness to serve and to help others remember who they are.

I’m from the Omniverse, far outside the star systems in our galaxy and universes. I am a composite soul, or a hybrid of Sirian, Venus and Mars. It is my understanding that the vibration on planet Earth was raised to sustain the vibrations of the Omniverse, where souls have been coming from during the last 40-50 years. It used to be just walk-ins, but it’s not anymore. The energies on Earth have risen enough to support these star beings, who are teachers, healers, artists and leaders. Our DNA contains certain encodings that help others to awaken. When we come together, we help each other.

There are many different origins of star beings: the Angelic Realm; interplanetary locations such as Sirius, Vega, Venus and Pleiades; hierarchies such as Buddhists and Christians; group soul, such as a Master or Family Soul; the Omniverse, a pure creative energy of Universal Mind/ Spirit; the Inner Earth; and recently many are coming from the future.

We hope you will join us in June at the Hope Interfaith Center and find out more information about Who You Are and Where you came from.

Caroline Oceana Ryan
I’ve felt a powerful connection to higher dimensional beings all my life. As a child, I thought first of Yeshua and the angels, because that was the spirituality I’d been taught. Yet, I also knew intuitively that faeries and elves lived in the woods behind our house.

One night in my mid-20s, as I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I saw star beings in a starship — who were clearly aware of my life energy and life mission — watching me and communicating with me energetically.

That began a fascination with star beings that has remained ever since. I am thankful to them for all they have given me — a broader outlook on life, an intercultural awareness, compassion and empathy for those whose lives are different from mine, yet whose questions are similar to mine.

We share such questions as: Why is our awareness so narrow, that we’re not conscious of those who live around the planet, and beyond? Why don’t we send out thoughts etherically that perfectly share our meaning and intention to the other person(s), instead of speaking words that get misunderstood and misinterpreted? Why don’t we approach differences in people and cultures with fascination and openness? Why don’t we value the heart as highly as we do the mind, and teach children to love first, accomplish second? 

Star beings understand uniqueness and value it highly, while knowing and understanding that all life in the Universe is interconnected. No one stands alone.

For this and all else, I thank them. They make the Starseed/Light Warrior path far more joyful. With much thanks to them, despite Earth life density, we are still moving forward on the path to a higher consciousness, and a higher love.

Lori Spagna
I am what is referred to as a Braided Starseed, a being who recognizes her human embodiment and the linear story of my earthly experience, while at the same time, has keen knowledge and memory of my starseed and galactic family origins, including my experience as a star being on other planetary bodies and as a member of various galactic nations.

I also recognize myself as a member of the High Angelic order, which means I know myself as both an ascending angel and also a descending angel, an angelic being who descended into a physical body.

I have always been a wanderer, even before my star being self interwove and braided in with my human self, searching for some kind of identity and alignment with these higher aspects of myself. Even then I was aligned with my mission; I had a deep love for animals and I wanted to be of service on a global scale.

When my brother died of an unexpected drug overdose 20 years into my professional life, I had my big wake-up call. Because of this dramatic awakening, I quit my day job and relocated to Maui, where I had an “induction experience” with my star family, followed by several non-traditional near death experiences that unified me with the non-physical realm and allowed me to up-level into this time-space reality where ascension is happening for the whole of humanity. I was completely transformed.

Ultimately, here’s my truth: I am an oversoul of the Divine Source, here on a mission to assist humanity through the awakening process on planet Earth, throughout this galaxy and interdimensional realities, by providing the expansion of consciousness and the alleviation of suffering, in the highest and best ways I am able to.

Joy Elaine
In the late ’80s, I attended a workshop during which I was asked to list my goals for different areas of my life — business, physical, family and spiritual. I was easily able to define the results I hoped to achieve for the first three areas, but when it came to listing any spiritual goals, I was unable to come up with even one. Returning to religion held no appeal for me, so I began an intense exploration of more esoteric subjects — Akashic Records reading, shamanism, angelic healing, past life regressions, and Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH).

My studies in that energy modality helped me to find many of the answers I had been looking for. In addition, the physical, mental and emotional results I experienced were so uplifting that I began investigating how to use elements of SVH to assist the Earth.

When I received information from a fellow light worker about work he had done to assist the Ashtar Command, and intuited that it was incomplete, I visited some of the galactic councils of light overseeing Earth to request and receive the missing pieces for templates for the cities of light on Earth.

With that information in hand, I stepped onto an Ashtar Command ship located on the 10th dimension above Earth. The ensuing conversation I had with Ashtar Commander Tonas was so intriguing I knew that I must return. When a “tall, dark and handsome” guy tells you he’s smitten with you the very first time you meet him…well, I had to learn what that was about!

The information that he shared with me about our relationship and the possibilities for Earth’s future was so compelling I soon realized it was imperative to share it with the world, and The Joy Chronicles were born.

Bryan McClellan
Becoming one with the stars, or feeling more connected to them, is something that all living creatures on our planet Earth can do. The reality is, we are deeply connected, and, yes, dependent on our closest star, the sun, as we are on every star in our universe. I have been blessed with many experiences and teachers that have brought me to a oneness with the Universe, including the stars. My ability to experience this is largely due to these three things:

• My journey toward Spirit includes several near-death experiences that I had in my 20s and 30s. These types of experiences are not necessary for most people, but for me, they exposed me to new dimensions of reality and forced me to seek more in life than what I could perceive with my five senses. This led me to many teachers and forms of spirituality and healing.

• I discovered Yoga and Meditation. Yoga aligns the body with the sacred geometry of the Universe. Practicing the Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, not only aligns the body with the sun, but also the stars, the planets and everything within our universe. Meditation, in turn, aligns our very being — the physical body, the energetic body, and the mind — in an even deeper way.

• The energy work that I do as the facilitator of Quantum Paradigm Shifts has enabled me to have amazing experiences of healing and adventure with my clients every time I do a session or workshop. The work I do is for anyone looking for energy healing or to expand their consciousness to the possibilities that arise from quieting the mind and going into a deeply meditative and altered state. With openness and willingness, we can experience not only the stars, but the entire Cosmos.


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