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Nature is all around us, but most people seeking enlightenment lack the awareness of where they fit on the continuum. I found that knowledge in Dr. David Hawkins’ “Map of Consciousness.” Doc Hawkins has been referred to as the Father of Kinesiology because of his ability to use a human talisman to calibrate the vibration of concepts and objects — from the various books of the Bible to any human volunteer — and to explain what that vibration means in a practical context.

The Map of Consciousness table represents the vibrations from 0 (death) to the highest vibration a human body can experience without ascending off the planet 1000 (ascension or truth). I understand an Archangel might vibrate at 50,000. Unconditional love is 528 hz, the vibration of a dog’s wagging tail. It is also the vibration a human being needs to sustain to heal a physical or emotional ailment.

This is a logarithmic scale, so at any one time there are a mere few human beings in the 900-1000 category actually living on the planet. One person in this range makes up for millions in lower vibrational states. The characterizations of “Power” and “Force” clarify that negative vibrations (below 200, including pride and all inferior emotions) involve gradations of Force inconsistent with the cooperation with nature, whereas positive vibrations (above 200, courage and all superior emotions) involve freedom and consistency with the nature of creation to varying degrees.

Genius, which is around 450, involves partly reason and partly inspiration. It is on the cusp of both the spiritual and the scientific.

Enlightenment is truth. The art of kinesiology, which measures the vibration of something, reflects how close to the truth that something is. The closer to the truth a person vibrates, the greater their accuracy in performing their kinesiology measurements.

In his books Truth v Falsehood and Power v Force and in his taped conferences, Doc Hawkins explains in detail many significant matters that are put into perspective by this chart. For example, the Earth itself is raising its vibration. About 10 years ago, last I checked, it stood at about 212, just a bit on the positive side. For those who live in hate and fear, this may be a bit uncomfortable. Earth is a Level 0 planet, unwelcome to interact with others in the cosmos. When we raise our vibration with an improved culture, we may become Level 1, 2, 3, or even 7, 8, 9, but it is unlikely we will advance beyond our willingness to consciously address the vibration of our society through laws and actions.

When a person is confronted by a vibration far different from his own, it can be very uncomfortable, like being on a runway while a plane flies overhead, shaking everything attached to the ground. You may find that people who are of very high spiritual nature make you feel a little giddy and that people with a very low vibration are uncomfortable to be around. To vibrate at a level extremely inconsistent with the Earth makes one uncomfortable. Perhaps it also fails to capture the Earth’s natural energy and that of other human beings for constructive action.

Knowing where you fit on the continuum is assisted by the description in the chart of the emotion being experienced, the process of the mind, and the life view it represents. I found that I had little experience with some of the emotions — both positive and negative — in this incarnation, but others felt quite common in my life.

To make my awareness of this part of my daily life and to focus my thoughts, I taped a copy around my house — in my meditation room, on my bathroom mirror, on my refrigerator and on the inside of the door to my bedroom to contemplate before I went to sleep.

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Christine St. Germain
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