The Great Awakening


A great awakening is happening on the planet. This is clearly visible through various world events taking place and changes in the weather patterns. Nothing happens by accident. What you are witnessing are the collective energies of humanity.

Many of you have experienced various degrees of energy shifts, and you may be unsure what this means and how to deal with these shifts in energy. Many are experiencing deep levels of despair, while others experience euphoria. You may feel totally disconnected from your family and friends. Nothing seems to make sense. You may experience serious doubts about your beliefs.

You have forgotten who you are. This is no fault of your own. Throughout history you have been deceived by various sources. These same sources have appealed to your ego and used this to weaken your connection to the source of creation.

You are a being who is connected to an infinite source of energy. As a result of actions by these nefarious sources, this connection has been distorted, creating an imbalance within your energy body. Consider the energy that permeates your planet: fear. This fear is nourishment to these sources. It is the goal of these sources to keep humanity in a constant state of fear.

To begin releasing this fear from your life, become conscious of certain actions in your life:

• Every person on your planet has experienced various levels of pain. This has affected everything in your life. You may feel that your experience is unique. The pain you experienced created the emotion of fear. Stop talking about your past, because doing so keeps you attached to the fear. Accept that you experienced the pain. It matters not what you think about it. It is the past. We understand that this will be very difficult for many, but it is essential for your awakening.

Each night for a few minutes repeat these words: “I release all pain and fear from my life.” These words will create various levels of emotions within you — sadness, joy, depression. This will allow you to start releasing these emotions that are attached to fear.

• Don’t get attached to drama. Do you find that you easily become involved in conversations that revolve around gossip? As you gossip about another, it makes you feel better about yourself. At other times you feel the need to defend your beliefs, and in so doing you find fault with another person’s beliefs. Walk away. Staying in the drama keeps you attached to fear. You do not need to defend your own beliefs. Allow others to follow their own beliefs. If someone chooses to share their beliefs, listen with respect.

• Do a forgiveness meditation to start releasing the fear that has kept you captive for so long. Do this each day for a few minutes. This will create a profound transformation within your life. Sit quietly and simply breathe deeply for a few minutes. Once you feel relaxed, see a white light above your head, moving down through your head, down your neck and into your heart. From your heart, send that white light out to the person who has harmed you. As you are send that white light out, say the words “I love and forgive (the person’s name).” It is essential to do this for seven days. Do not think about what changes will occur.

During the next few weeks you will begin to experience profound energy shifts within your life, especially in how you react to people and how people react to you. You may connect to what you should be doing with your life. Fear may have disconnected you from who you really are, and that’s why it is essential to let go of the fear. We have given you a few exercises to assist with this.

Some of these experiences may be very unpleasant, but this is the process of breaking through the barrier of fear. As you begin changing, you will be projecting a different energy that will have an effect on the world around you. This may cause frustration and confusion, but something within you understands this deeply. It may be a knowing! But mostly, it is an understanding that the changes you are experiencing are part of your awakening. Something magical will start to unfold.

You will begin to see the world as it is, not based on your beliefs or how you would like the world to be. You align with people who are resonating at the same frequency as you. Everything in your life begins to flow. This is when your awakening will happen. You will start to reconnect with the eternal light that permeates across the Universe. You will become the master of your own destiny.

We trust that you feel inspired to awaken to your Divinity.


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